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Affirmative Prayer Week 3
Transcript of Mark’s “Eleanor and Tanya sample prayer” God is the freedom and love, the eternal love, God is the life and the light that only knows itself as connected, joyous, alive, peaceful, harmonious. These are the qualities and nature of God. As this is true about God … I am the free flow love of God, the joy of God, the unconditioned peace and connection and freedom of God. As this is true for me this is true for Eleanor and what I know for Eleanor is that she right now lives and moves and has her being in the consciousness of forgiveness of letting go. I know this is also true for Tanya. I know that this relationship is anchored in the love of God now and whatever story has been blocking the flow of love, that story is no-thing. I deny its power, I deny its hold, I release this story into the LIE into the nothingness from which it came because the only truth that exists is that Eleanor and Tanya are one in love, in God, this is what is true. I claim deep fulfillment of forgiveness for Eleanor so that her mind is wide open to see Tanya as God created Tanya this is what I say yes to I claim for Eleanor that she is so lifted up into the joy of her own being, of own light that there’s no judgement or story held against herself and in this profound freedom Tanya reflects back to her, her innocence, her grace, her perfection, her God self. This is what I say yes to. I am so grateful to know this for Eleanor to know that she is free and forgiven and that she knows Tanya only as God created Tanya, perfect, whole and complete. I am so grateful for the fulfillment of this prayer. I release it now into the action of the law.
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Affirmative Prayer Week 3
Music from Affirmative Prayer Week Three
Artist: Margaret Owens The Treatment - God is, I am, I know, I am grateful, I release
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Music from Affirmative Prayer Week Three
Affirmative Prayer Week Two
Transcript from Mark’s “Release from old prayer ideas” God is … God is love that knows no fear. God is light that knows no Darkness. God is the absolute life that knows no death. God is the infinite overflowing abundance and source and resource for the entire universe the cosmos Beyond and for you. For you are as precious to the entire universe as all the galaxies combined God is and because God is I am. I am the love. I am the abundance. I am the truth, the freedom and the living power of God as this is true for me this is true for you. So, in this moment, I speak this prayer for you. To release all old concepts of God, any concept of God that is limiting, conditional, punishing, fearful, scary, I speak this word to set you free now. It is in this moment being released from the mind there is no overlay of doubt, or fear on God for you. I declare and accept for you a complete release and I ask the Holy Spirit to infiltrate your mind and to remove from the subconscious mind every seed, every root of false limiting fearful ideas around God. Purify. This is the word I speak, purify the mind, the heart, the body, the cells, the energy field, purify all of it, that you may live in an open present moment space for the most magnificent personal and principle-based ideas about God to be enlivened within you around you and for you. Take a deep breath. This is what I say yes to you for you NOW. And in gratitude, gratitude, I release this prayer letting it be fulfilled, it is done and so it is.
Affirmative Prayer Week Two
Affirmative Prayer, Week One
Week One Transcript of Mark’s healing prayer – releasing “past prayer” experience: God is … There is one power, and its name is Love, its nature is generosity. It is the power, the presence, the infinite life. The unlimited goodness and it has no opposite is God. It is love, it is the universe, the cosmos, the unlimited abundance, and creativity, I could use all these words pointing to this this magnificent life. This magnificent life that responds, and that magnificent life is what I am. I am … formed and fashioned in and out of the life of God, the love of God, the wholeness of God, the abundance of God, the Goodness of God God gave all, all to me. And as this is true for me, it is true for all of us… So, we meet in this agreement of our Divinity, our Wholeness, of our Oneness with this beautiful life-giving power and from my place of Oneness. I declare … that which we have written that which has been drummed up from the past, Is ready to be released, is now being released. I affirm … that we are letting go of all stories, that they’re being uprooted in the conscious and the subconscious mind, and even things you don’t remember, your willingness to let go now is enough it brings with it every single seed of fear, every idea from our past that kept us separate, afraid of God or praying to this external deity that we hoped would hear us all the fear, all the hoping and all the prayers that seem to be unfulfilled, we let them all go in this moment. I affirm … they are being washed away, they have no impact on us anymore, everything is uprooted and eliminated, and we meet in this holy instant, pure blank slate. Ready to receive, ready to write a new story and to allow a new relationship with prayer to be born right here right now. This is what I say yes to, This is what I accept for everyone: Freedom, purification from the past, all negative around prayer are released, are dissolved They move into the nothingness from which they came, they are no-thing, Here now connection to God, new prayer.
Affirmative Prayer, Week One
Any local LTC friends?
I live In Kennesaw, GA (near ATL) & lately have been wanting a local course in miracles friend to hang out with (with my 1 year old too, of course lol). I asked my husband if he could be my course buddy basically but he just responds that he doesn’t know what it is and ends it like that, so I know he’s not ready & can’t push. He doesn’t usually care so much about spiritual things like I do but he’s not against it. Anyhoo if you’re local, let me know & maybe we can be friends! And if not, totally fine. Maybe you can share about how your own spouse handles you doing LTC? Sending y’all lots of love & light! The light has come!!
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Hi. I am a year 3 in the course. I scrolled through members looking for meet ups in Georgia area and there were none.
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