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Eat for your blood type
Is the theory that you should eat for your blood type still valid or does that not apply at all when eating carnivore. I've heard some say type O does better on the carnivore diet than AB.
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@Amanda Boyce It is possible that your issue with nuts could be related to the fact that a number of nuts contain Oxalates. Also, nuts are high in Omega 6 which can be inflammatory, particularly when you don’t consume enough Omega 3s in the right ratio. Plus nuts are really supposed to be sprouted before they are eaten. But how many people actually bother going through all of that hassle just to eat some nuts??? Finally, some nuts like peanuts and pistachios are prone to Mold.
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@Helen Turley it is highly likely that consuming a lot of soy products contributed to your thyroid issues because soy is an Oxalate and the thyroid is one area in the body where oxalate deposits are known to accumulate.
Dental Plaque
Since starting carnivore just over a year ago I’ve noticed an increase in dental plaque forming at the back of my lower two front teeth, where saliva is released. I’ve had to visit my dental hygienist more often than usual because I hate how it feels. She said it’s just a normal process and nothing to worry about. I initially felt it was the higher protein diet, but now I’m not so sure. I listened to a presentation recently by Ben Bikman where he was discussing exogenous ketones and how the original older versions contained additional minerals that could cause this type of build up on teeth. He briefly mentioned that it was a preferred or safer way for the excess minerals to be excreted (rather than building up in the body I think). I guess I just want to know if this something to be concerned about, will it stop or settle down, or is it a sign that I’m over consuming electrolytes or calcium maybe? Has anyone else experienced similar on the carnivore diet?
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I too often feel roughness on the back side of my front upper teeth and for the first time in my life I have seen visible plaque on the other edges of my lower front teeth. I was shocked to see the latter because everyone raves about how their teeth and gums fare so much better on carnivore. I did feel a bit relieved though when I heard Sally Norton say that Oxalate Dumping can show up as plaque deposit on the teeth.
Why not just use salt nearly all the ham as sugar in i mean really ?
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@Andrew Bott I would not eat this because it has FLAVORINGS in it and we have no clue what is included as a ‘flavoring’!
Tinned tuna
Anybody else eat Tinned Tuna I do like it but just a tad worried about micro plastics especially in sea food I used to like fresh Tuna steaks
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I used to eat canned tuna fish every day for yearssss, before I got sick with a neurological disease. After I got sick, an hair analysis showed that I had elevated levels of Mercury. As Tuna is a large fish 🐟 that is known to contain Mercury, I decided to stop eating tunafish.
Another Question for today’s live
If a carnivore eats grain fed grain finished beef should they make a concerted effort to eat seafood on a regular basis, so that they can get a sufficient amount of Omega 3 to Omega 6?
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