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I have just joined and completed the first journey on it amazing
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MB30 is amazing!!
Log: Day 4/5 Breathwork Challenge
Keeping myself accountable... I'd have to say I enjoyed this day even less than day 1. At least at first. BUT, realized I was making a few mistakes that contributed to this. Firstly, this challenge was done through a rare period of congestion. Secondly, there was tension and resistance in my stomach - possibly due to the constant coughing. And during the hold-breath periods, I took in too much breath, like an over-inflated tire. On "letting out the tire pressure" a couple of times, holding a breath lasted longer. Regardless, I was unable to maintain the 2nd hold (1.5min) but oddly was able to maintain the 3rd hold of 2min -- for the most part. Conclusion: Knowing that I have easily done breath of fire/ dragon's breath many times in the past, it must be my congestion making things difficult right now. Also, whatever I did, the final hold of 2-min wasn't so "gaspy" and was therefore more enjoyable.
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I find that breath holds differ for me... and it is not just being sick, but maybe some underlying tension or whatever. Some days I am just not able to do lo g breath holds and other days I am. For me, I am ok with the knowledge that I did the work (breathwork)... and try not to be attached to outcomes/goals
Log: Day 3/5 Breathwork Challenge
Keeping myself accountable... This time, it was so much easier to do the in-out breath through the mouth -- finally reactivating a skill I have not used in a few years. I believe these three days have actually improved my cold/ congestion and lung (environmental mold) situation. (Muscle-testing my unconscious mind says this is a "yes.") But, I still had to stop, drop and cough while doing the challenge. *MILESTONE*: I was finally able to hold on exhale a full 1:30 (1.5 min). I almost did it the second round as well, but congestion had me gasp a couple of times for air with 28 secs left. But feeling great all the same. I found myself meditating with ease once again, which I don't think I've been able to do in eight years. Wow. *BACKSTORY*: In all my decades of breathwork practice, I was mostly centered on Fourfold Breath (FFB), and sometimes Nadi Shodana (NSB - alternating nostril) breath - which my father taught me in my early teens because he used that to take water in through one nostril and out the other as part of his morning ritual. It took me about 20 years without a mentor, but in one FFB cycle, for a single breath, I would inhale through my nostrils for 45 seconds, hold for 60s, exhale for 30s, and hold for 15-25s (~0.5 breath per minute). The second hold was always very hard when using FFB. And not having a mentor beyond my father's early teachings, I didn't put much effort into other breath techniques beyond FFB and NSB. Even though I got Pranayama Breathwork certified in 2020 and did some free weekly breathwork Zoom workshops, I never put much effort into hold-after-exhale. I can't describe it, but wow does it feel good. Thanks for this challenge, Brian. I'm now going to try changing the durations of the phases in one FFB cycle to put more emphasis on the hold-on-exhale phase.
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Well done, you are getting there🙂
Log: Day 2/5 Breathwork Challenge
Keeping myself accountable... This was a tough start as well, re breathing in and out through the mouth (unless I missed something in the video and did it incorrectly). But it did get easier. Although the duration of in/out was something that I have to work on. Same with holding the inhale, though I'm close to the full 1.5 minutes. (I've done longer, but in the past. Dealing with a lung and throat problem that's just starting to clear.) Same with holding the exhale -- always been the hardest part for me, though I have held my exhale for up to 30 sec in the distant past. Overall, Day 2 was much more enjoyable as far as short breaths go, even if I did it slightly incorrectly :)
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Well done, keep going🙂🩵
Happy New Year...
Happy New Year beautiful people. Wishing you a joyful and blessed one 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾🎉
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Blessings to you too💫💫💫💫💫
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