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Yvonne Bignall
United Kingdom
• Active 4h ago
Bio: Self-care coach supporting women 50+ on their journey to prioritised self-care, connecting to their innate powers, enabling them to flourish & thrive.
Marion Dekindt
• Active 8d ago
Bio: Here to Learn. Transforming myself to Transform the World. One Breath at the time. Freedom, Travel & Love
Eli S
• Active 15d ago
Bio: Seeker
Emile Verkerk
Bali, Indonesia
• Active 1d ago
Bio: I'm interested in me, so I can be the best version of me that I can possibly be.
Danielle Neal
• Active 26d ago
Bio: My name is Danielle and Im very happy to join your community
Joel Oyer
• Active 2h ago
Bio: Here to learn.
Michael Lindner
• Active 30d ago
Bio: Strength and conditioning coach based outside of St. Louis, MO. Looking to help empower people thru breath to find their inner strength!
Vanessa Naja
Grenada, West Indies • INFJ
• Active 162d ago
Bio: I'm a teacher and a student of all the mysteries of life. I teach functional movement, dance, do Human Design Readings and Coaching.
Oma Lynda Ekwem
• Active 23d ago
Bio: I am simply phenomenal!
Wreford Beere
South Africa
• Active 104d ago
Bio: Patient, positive and loving. Constantly learning. World hunger can be eased through Juicing and the best detox is through breathing
Joyce Harris
Central Illinois, USA
• Active 19m ago
Bio: I'm an adventurous 60-something that loves to travel the world and explore human consciousness. I love the metaphysical and enjoy helping people
Dani Trewhela
• Active 56d ago
Bio: I'm an artist and musician. I am also a Certified Reiki Master and an Integrative Health Coach that loves travel.
Mike Swaney
Sacramento California
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Hello Everybody, I am interested in learning more about breathwork on my healing path and dealing with past traumas.
Lynne Warbrooke
Northland, New Zealand
• Active 93d ago
Bio: Making the world a better place and letting people come into their full potential - still searching for the final piece
Maria Teresa Solomons
• Active 97d ago
Bio: I've taught Freediving for 25yrs and have used martial arts, yoga, breathwork, bodywork and movement awareness to be a better observer in my work
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Liezel Bredenkamp
Kahuna Bodywork Therapist, breathwork enthusiast, curious about all alternative, holistic health and wellness programs.
Active 10h ago
Joined Jul 20, 2023
Johannesburg, South Africa

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