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Ai persona/website navigation bot Case Study
@Liam asked me to do this a few weeks ago in the QnA and I'm just getting around to it so here goes! Background: WorkitDaily is a small team of 4 full time people and a 1 part time support staff. They wanted to build a chatbot to help their community of 10,000 members on Circle navigate the platform and get specific answers to their questions without increasing support staff. Highlights: -I got this client (my first client) by posting on LinkedIn which is where as Alex Hormozi says I have the greatest leverage at the moment with >2000 followers -They said they had a small budget so I did this build for free to take the pressure off, get a build under my belt, and then I converted them to a paid client later with the monthly maintenance plan -This build led me to my second client that I built a bot for also on -The analytics are showing this bot saved the client $1,000 in customer support effort last month Tech Stack -Leverages voiceflow knowledge base with knowledge scraped from circle -Just integrated a support email forwarding function that forwards the transcript of the convo to the clients support. DM me if you want more specifics about the tech stack or if you have any other questions about this!
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Just seeing this now mate, awesome job and thanks for sharing!
Signed my first client
After 7 months of studying Liam's videos and working in Voiceflow, I finally signed my first client for $500! I was very nervous during the call but they didn't seem to mind.😅 I'm building an ecommerce chatbot for them using Tiledesk which I just learned about today. It's a lot like Voiceflow with extra functionality and a cheaper subscription price so I'd definitely recommend checking it out. If it's taking a while, don't give up! 🫡
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Congrats mate, awesome to hear!
Has anyone found success on LinkedIn?
I am on a really tight budget. Spending $100 per month for LinkedIn is something I am considering. My niche is accounting and professional service firms, so I figure my target audience is likely on LinkedIn. I have two questions. How many messages should I expect to send before I get a response? At what point should I pivot and change my target audience?
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Taking First step
Hey great people, My name is Sahal since 1-2 months ago i was just roaming around and was collecting some knowledge about Voiceflow and all “how to build chatbots” and all so far I’ve completed learning, now I just want to start by serving chatbots to clients my niche is E-commerce so what should I do now? Like should i just start reaching to the business owners? And then by talking to them by listening to their problems should i start serving them solutions? Or there’s some extra things that i should do before talking to businesses? Or just start outreaching and sign my client and all?
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Why ecommerce? Everyone tries it, I have seen very few succeed. Pick something boring instead
No code AI Automations with Perplexity NEW API are definitely a game changer
Here is an automation I put together and it does all my postings and generates me daily or even monthly reports on whatever information I need. The prompting is definitely important, and it's super useful to be able to use a fine-tune model to create specific content for or Twitter and LinkedIn. It just makes the cloning process and creation of putting content out there super easy and automated. Even though there will be a human in the loop until we see AGI, I think this is one of the best use cases AI has brought to me. if you guys want the blueprint lmk and ill post it
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Drop that sh*t!
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