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Start Off Quick
Hey Mike, just wanted to get your feedback on setting up a community with nobody in it to begin with I liked your comment amount transparency "You can see how many members and how much I charge - do the math" - have any tips on getting the paid stuff going? thanks
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@Gavin Thorne just saw this post and it seems like you have been busy over the last 20 days. Congratulations 🎉 Did you go from zero to over 100 members that fast? Did you do pocket coaching? I would love to hear how you got your first 100 members!
Celebrating a SMALL Win
We started our YouTube channel with 0 subscribers and 0 videos. Posted our first video 11 days ago and first short 9 days ago and we hit 20 subscribers overnight. It’s small milestone, but it’s an exciting milestone that I wanted to share! #celebrateALLwins We are also posting on TikTok and IG, but those platforms are growing slower than YT! Have a great day everyone! 🤙 😃
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@Bijan Izadi that’s what I’m talking about. Heck yeah 🤙
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@Keith Chew Mr. Chew is still going up and up! Go go go! Doing great things, keep at it! For the record, I can't figure out any of the equations you post! :). I will stick to what I know.
ChatGPT-4o: Build Your Online Business in a Weekend
Check this out I talk to the wizard and show you how it built my course instantly. Let me know what you think of this and if you want to learn more about it?
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It’s pretty awesome and especially powerful when you get good at promoting it and setting up custom instructions. I am still on the free 3.5, but hear the paid is so much better?
Mike’s Fake
Was that a good hook 🪝 ? Just playing with 🪝 , @Mike Gowans is legit and I’m learning a ton. However, I have had growing on social media on the 🧠 , so I couldn’t resist trying a fun 🪝. Questions for MIKE: 1. Mike did you know you had so many fake accounts? I guess that’s good that people are trying to knock you off? 2. Can I build a substantial MRR without massive success on social media?? Mike you have massive success and are killing it where it counts on Skool and your income. But in the nicest way possible, seems like you don’t have the infamous “viral” videos or insane amount of followers. So does that give us hope that we don’t need to go viral to build a Skool business? So again, I don’t want this to be coming off wrong, I’m super impressed with what you have built without millions of followers. Im hopeful this is true and that we don’t need millions of views and followers to create a meaningful MRR on Skool. Sorry that was so long, and again, Mike I mean this in the most flattering manner possible. Thanks so much for motivating me and creating such great content. Lee
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@Rayyan Subq I absolutely agree
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@Heather Shaw
Unrealistic Expectations
As an entrepreneur we are always going into uncharted waters even if we are following the path of great success like @Mike Gowans we are still cutting our own path and style. I have often explained starting a business is easy, all you gotta do is… 1. Figure out what needs to be done 2. Figure out how to do it 3. Do it That’s it, well, kinda. There is more to it, and its probably my biggest strength and weakness all rolled into one and that’s “expectations”. We see success and that motivates us to take action, but when we begin our own entrepreneurial journey and don’t see that success “fast enough” that is where most people quit. They think they aren’t doing it “right” or maybe this isn’t the right “time” or they don’t know what to do. So back to unrealistic expectations: What are expectations, well in the world of starting a business they are really just made up things. I think expectations sometimes get comingled with goals. Even after 22 years of grinding and building businesses I still struggle with unrealistic expectations. Even knowing it’s all made up in my 🧠 If you are struggling or wondering if you should quit, please know that you will have a breakthrough soon. If you are strongly contemplating closing shop, then my hunch is that you are extremely close to great things happening. Remember, success is not a destination. It is truly the journey. Why are people that have achieved financial success still going after it?? In short it’s because the have learned to embrace the suck and find ways to enjoy the journey and turn unrealistic expectations into a powerful energy that propels them forward. Unrealistic expectations are like trolls, you just gotta ignore them and keep moving forward. I wrote this for me, because I needed to hear it. I’m hopeful if you woke up today doubting yourself in any way this will help you shut the voices in your head and continue to enjoy your journey. If you trip, struggle, fail, just remember it’s part of the journey and it’s moving you forward to the life you want to build.
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