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I'm building a Continuation Setup with AVWAP
Setup Idea: - Anchor the AVWAP at the last touch of the Session VWAP - Confluence of AVWAP and high liquidity and market makes a pullback - Entry with high VPI in Market Pulse (perhaps + high CVD) - Participants in the same direction must show up immediately - Target at a HTF Level, the last low/high, a Standard Deviation or high liquidity
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@Rob Davis Great!
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@Dragan Bili Thank you!!!
Retest at IBL with liquidity and 2.SD - ES 24.04.2024
Situation of the day: HOR - Higher out Range Setup Notes: - Bullish context or Range Day - Market is in the opening range between both 2. SD's - Entry at the bottom of the range: IBL with liquidity, 2.SD and high selling VPI - Target at IBH with 2. SD or a HTF Level with liquidity - not much liquidity below Profit 10 Points 🥳 Comment by Blue Jacket Winner and Bookmap Coach Jec: Adding some info here for you ... Really good amount of stops hit there too at the peak lower for your long entry and I really like your exit. If you do multi-contract setups that mid point between IB H/L or OR H/L can be really good too when you evolve to your next step. Also what's really great is you get a consolidation pattern after your entry which really helps with that long bias conviction. Overall these are both really great setups and iterations of her process. The first she was using HTF in conjunction with the market-pulse tool adding confluence, and again in the 2nd image we see the same thing. One of the things we also discussed though was, some of the stats she was basing her trade off of. She was looking long because historically, about 70% of the time, A specific long setup works out. We can see in the first image, it did not work to her target and she exited promptly when she got a look she didn’t like. This is FANTASTIC management. If you don’t like something, cut it. Trust yourself. Even if you’re wrong, doesn’t matter. As you iterate through your process and gain experience you’ll decrease the amount of times “you’re wrong” but in that time of learning you didn’t have to suffer large losers. We can also see she managed the trade under her conditions REALLY well, she’s wanting to avoid the drawdown in the prop account. Sometimes that’s what we need to do. We need to adjust not just to market conditions, but our own conditions. This includes mental conditions, whether or not you’re sick, or any thing else. Lots of trader mentors recommend assessing your personal state in the morning before the market opens for this very reason. Great job adjusting there Laura.
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VWAP Continuation ES 24.04.2024
Situation of the day: Bullish Context: Yesterday long trend. Over Night Open above previous close. Over Night High above Over Night Open and previous high. Open above the previous high. That‘s a HOR – Higher out Range Day. On these days the ONH- Over Night High is touched 77%. So that was my target. Setup Notes: Bullish context Move from a high back to VWAP Entry at VWAP with VPI Immediate response from buyers Target at HTF Level with big liquidity Commentary from Blue Jacket Winner and Bookmap Academy Coach Jec: "I like the adjustment on your target keeping into account your specific situation regarding prop acct limitations. Was really smart. With those types of situations you really want to be cognizant of the potential pain as they really push you towards short duration, scalp-style trades. Really great visual here. You had a plan for the day with your stats anchoring that plan looking ONH and HOR. I think @Trader H.E. would be proud of you except you trade /ES (like me) and he's an "NQ Andy" haha. Your entry seems a bit aggressive because you were waiting for the vwap pullback but you NOTE that. This is REALLY important for your journaling process because when you come back and look at this you can recognize that immediately with your notes."
Two small VWAP trades
Two small VWAP trades based on the downtrend with 12 Ticks profit. I don't do this a third time because the VWAP becomes vulnerable.
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@Rob Davis Hey Rob! Nice to see you here! Very good trade!
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Excellent! I also made this trade. Unfortunately, I made a mistake before. My entry was too early and then I was stopped out with a too big stop.
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