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Does this sound familiar?
Have you ever experienced the frustration of being declined for a loan or finding out that the interest rates on a mortgage are too high? It can be disheartening to discover that your credit score is lower than expected. Suddenly, you find yourself diving into the process of reviewing your payment history and checking for any discrepancies. And if you do find something amiss, you have to navigate the maze of figuring out who to contact for assistance. It can feel like you're going in circles, unsure of the right steps to take. Even when you manage to find the right person to file a dispute with, there's no guarantee that your concerns will be addressed. You may question if you said the right things or if you should follow up at a specific time. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused in these situations.
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I sure have and yes it was frustrating as heck. Being that I was so determined to get what I needed at the time, I went threw my credit like a hawk and found things that were out of date or just flat out wrong. Slowly I began to contact the bureaus via letters to start getting rid of things that were not right. Not sure if they work now but you never know!
Just remember that credit repair is a process. ​
On top of multiple rounds of letters, one of the easiest ways to help your credit is to use your credit cards the proper way. ​ Here are 6 tips you should keep in mind when using your credit cards: - Keep costs in mind: Interest isn’t the only expense to be aware of as you shop around for the right card. Look out for annual fees, late payment fees, and balance transfer fees when you review your options. ​ - Focus on your score: Do what you can to build up your credit score so you can be eligible for advantageous rewards cards. ​ - - Reduce credit utilization: 30% of your credit score is based on how much of your available credit you use. You want to keep that number at 10 % or lower than your maximum borrowing limit to get the best results. ​ - - Keep your accounts open: Closing out a credit card can hurt your credit utilization and your credit history, ultimately damaging your score. If there’s no fee and the card has a high credit limit, it’s wise to keep the account open. ​ - - Pay on time: No matter what, always strive to pay at least the minimum every month. If that means spending less, so be it. The potential fees and damage to your credit score aren’t worth it. ​ - - Track your scores and accounts:Always log in to check your account activity and make sure that any purchases showing up are ones you made. Likewise, check your credit score. If it drops unexpectedly, it could be an indicator of identity theft or a miscalculation on the credit reporting agencies' part. ​
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@Jackie Lavielle I wish people really started using their credit cards the right way, but I know some people live off their cards and are in a financial bind.
Thank you
I would like to thank everybody they came out yesterday was able to support me in the credit master class🙏
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Amazing job sis! Keep that flame!🔥
Let’s Welcome & bienvenida
Let’s welcome & "démosle la bienvenida." 💯
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@Edinson Esteva Hola and welcome!
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@Jackie Lavielle I once had a job transition and told discover that my new job was paying lower than my previous job which was the Army. I let them know that I was calling all of my creditors to let them know that my income was going to be less. They agreed to lower my interest rate by 2%, It wasn't much but it went from 20% at the time to 18% and I was just getting started with my credit journey. It surprised me that they lowered it at all, because Disover is kinda greedy!
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@Jackie Lavielle Yes that definitely works especially if you run a lot of credit through the account and pay it off. They may not make money on the interest but they do make money when the card is processed. If you tell them you are taking your business elsewhere they can definitely bend to your will sometimes.
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