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Big 3 Monday
Happy Monday, Achievers! There’s nothing like the fresh start of a new week to get those gears turning. Today, I want to hear about your Big 3—those top three goals you’re determined to tackle over the next few days. Sharing your goals isn’t just about putting them out there—it’s about setting the intention and building momentum. Plus, when you share, you open up the opportunity for support and encouragement from our amazing community. Whether it’s a work deadline, a personal project, or a habit you’re working to cultivate, let’s get those ambitions up and running! Here’s how to do it: - Think about what you want to achieve this week that will make you feel accomplished. - - List your Big 3 in the comments below. - - Offer a word of encouragement or advice to a fellow member’s goals. Poll: How do you stay on track with your weekly goals?
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- Goal 1: Go Live on YT Short - Goal 2: Create 30 pieces of content - Goal 3: Create 1 YT video But will be happy accomplishing Goal 1
Recording available
For those of you who registered for the Mid-Year Reset and Goal Setting Workshop, the recording is now available in the classroom. You have also unlocked access to the comprehensive goal-setting course, Achieve Unleashed. For those of you that missed it buut would like access to the Reflection Guidebook, the workshop recording, and the goal-setting course, including the workbook, you can follow this link and message me so I can unlock the classroom for you! Cheers to a very successful second part of 2024! @Jenna Ostrye @Eric Howell @Kevin Suarez Sabugo @Janette Ryan @Samantha Gerber
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Recording available
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This was awesome! Thank you Marianne!
Monday Motivation: Let’s Make Accountability Fun and Effective!
Happy Monday, Achievers! 🌞 Ready to kickstart the week with a dash of excitement? Let's dive into a game-changing concept—accountability. But here’s the twist: we’re making it fun! Imagine accountability as your personal cheer squad. It’s about setting your goals and having a supportive community to encourage you every step of the way. Think of it like having a gym buddy, but for all your life’s ambitions. You wouldn’t skip out on a session if you knew someone was counting on you, right? The same energy applies here! This week, I encourage you to share your Top 3 goals for the week in the comments. It’s a powerful way to put your intentions out there. And if you find yourself in need of an accountability partner to discuss and drive these goals, it’s the perfect time to consider joining Achievers' Circle. We’re all about making accountability not just productive, but incredibly motivating and supportive. Let’s transform accountability from a chore into a celebration of shared achievements! Post your goals below, and let’s cheer each other on. If you’re looking for that extra push, Achievers' Circle is here to connect you with your perfect accountability match. Let’s make this week unforgettable!
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Monday Motivation: Let’s Make Accountability Fun and Effective!
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- Goal 1: Create 30 short form videos for TikTok (publish 21) - Goal 2: Adding and holding 2 events weekly - Goal 3: Update my Linkedin Profile
Supercharge Your Day with this trick
How you start your morning can set the tone for the rest of your day. Do you jump out of bed and dive straight into emails, or do you take a moment to meditate and plan your day? I've discovered that a structured morning routine enhances my productivity immensely. Some key activities might include journaling, a quick workout, or a review of my day. Here is how I structure my journaling in the morning: 1- List 5 things I am grateful for that happened yesterday 2- List nay appointment or meetings 3- My top 3 priorities 4- Any other tasks that I want to accomplish 5- Daily affirmations Let’s share and inspire each other with our morning rituals. What's your secret morning activity that gets you ready to tackle the day? Which morning ritual boosts your productivity?
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New comment Jun 12
Supercharge Your Day with this trick
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Try to have a vigorous workout! But it is more slow ramp up ^^
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@Marianne Suarez Sabugo
Your Mind's Tricks vs. Your Weekly Goals: Who Will Win?
Happy Monday, Achievers! 🌞 Today, let’s kick off the week with a bold reminder: Stop negotiating with your mind! Our minds are like world-class salespeople, always ready to talk us into staying comfortable, safe, and within the familiar confines of our comfort zones. But here's the catch—while comfort feels nice, it rarely leads us to the life of our dreams. Each time you find yourself making excuses or rationalizing delays, remember that these are just sales pitches from your mind, trying to keep things status quo! This week, challenge yourself to step beyond these negotiations. Push past the comfort to reach for something extraordinary. Let’s get this week rolling with clear intentions. What are your top 3 priorities for this week? Share them in the comments below and let's hold each other accountable. Together, we can resist the comfy sales pitch and pursue our dreams with determination! @Samantha Gerber @Janette Ryan
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Your Mind's Tricks vs. Your Weekly Goals: Who Will Win?
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@Marianne Suarez Sabugo I have created a GPT that serves you personalized hooks for your content based on your business and ideal client.
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@Marianne Suarez Sabugo Inside my Skool community!
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