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VAPI AI (Voice Assistant)
Hey guys, I'm currently developing an AI Voice Assistant tailored for inbound call management using Vapi AI. My aim is to enhance its functionality by integrating custom features, such as appointment scheduling and availability checks. Despite efforts to employ Make for this integration, I've encountered challenges in achieving the desired outcome. I am seeking an individual with experience in creating custom functions for such applications, who can provide guidance or collaboration on this project. Your expertise in navigating these technical hurdles would be invaluable. Thans in advance, Niklas
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VAPI is my favorite i regularly make money because of vapi also - if i made that platform....... i'd have made all the same choices.
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@Witold Szpak Yup! They have a built in integration now!
As an AAA owner who should my ICP be when targeting big companies?
I know the founder is out of the question. If it's not the founder, CEO, or CMO, who do we need to target that can not only make the decision to purchase our services but also give us the information we need to implement them within their company?
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ohhhh yeah yeah i get that mixed up alot too! i was reply broadly to OP love your background btw! we share a bunch of compliance work :D
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@Tl Campbell A bunch of things! electrical engineering, digital radiology, systems, networking, infosec, the list goes on! Alotta pentesting, defense, compliance bla bla. Specialized in medical financial and legal clients mostly. never worked at b king though!!! haha those 90 hr weeks sound rouugghhh! but i know what you mean. Some places just go go go, and its really hard to not get a ton of exp in spaces like that!
BlandAI vs Synthflow vs Vapi
Find it difficult to make the commitment to the right platform. I think Pathways of BlandAI give you much more control on building the agents. Makes way more sense than just one prompt. But Synthflow has the whitelabel platform option which is huge as well for us agency owners. But it is still so slow in response time. Vapi has low latency and easy to set up. But just less established as a company. What do you guys think?
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i make money with vapi *every* day use vapi, period great team too!
GPT-5 Leaked?
Hi all, My CTO Spencer shared this in our Slack yesterday, reportedly a leak of GPT-5 or at least GPT-4.5: On this site, there was an LLM called gpt-2-chatbot, which supposedly was the leaked model. This was seemingly confirmed by Sam Altman with his recent tweet (attached) referencing GPT-2. While the site has now blocked use of the model, earlier today I was able to chat back and forth with it briefly. Not entirely sure what to ask it to test if it was 'better', in my opinion, GPT-4 with web searching already has answers to whatever you need. I'm curious to see what additional performance OpenAI is able to add on with this next model. Spencer was able to get in there and give it a better go than me, and sent over these notes from his testing: Quality of Logic and Reasoning: The model displays decent capabilities with Q* training evident in its logical progression and step-by-step chain of thought reasoning. However, there are still some gaps that need addressing. Wordle Test: Spencer uses what he calls the "Wordle test" to evaluate the model's problem-solving skills: - Provide a word with missing letters (e.g., "a_ple") and see if the model can guess it correctly. - If the model errs, guide it to review and refine its answer, observing how it incorporates feedback. - Check how well the model retains information over time, especially after corrections. In this test with the word "apple," this was the first model to eventually succeed without significant assistance. Focus on Agents: The model has been trained with a strong emphasis on 'chain-of-thought' reasoning, integral to its design. This should enhance its performance in complex tasks such as text-to-SQL conversions, multi-hop document searches, and parallel function execution. Concerns about Speed: The model is notably slow, which could be due to it not being deployed on production-grade hardware yet or potentially its larger size. It seems designed for heavy-duty "asynchronous" workflows, where tasks are processed in the background, and results are communicated once completed.
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@Marjorie Loup This is not true, zuckerfucker is largely speaking a laggard and a lamen open source community improved the llama 3 8b model VASTLY in rapid fashion. zuckerburg is behind and scared, just like elon and google all playing catch up
Has anybody tried automating cold calling using VAPI and what was your success rate in booking appointments with clients. Does it actually work?
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I need more details. I make money with vapi and I'm happy to help as much as I can ( bearing in mind im generally busy :-/ ) I also live in the U.S. so AI cold calling will land me in prison bahaha so I dont do this but the maths and the principles are universal so we'll try to sort you out mate!
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yes! if you have consent then your gucci
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