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Make more profit with your own Sustainable Fashion Business and hit that $20K/month milestone ASAP with our Future Fashion Business Growth Blueprint.

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Earn $20,000/month with your own Sustainable Fashion Business, using our insanely simple system for Fashion Leaders. This community is free to join 🥳


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Thanks @Ted Carr and community Hit my first target with my paid community $1k monthly revenue in my $20 low ticket group. Group is 8 weeks old. Learning every day. Onto the next goal! 👍👍👍
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Amazing work! So great to see success all around!
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Are You Clear on Your Best Sales Process Yet?
Knowing how to reliably and consistently get people to go from "cold to sold" will be one of your greatest advantages in business. Most beginners are CLUELESS when it comes to how to get clients. Many people have paid me $10,000 just to help them with this ONE problem... My suggestion for building the best sales process? 1) See how others are selling 2) Map out your similar sales process on Miro so you can clearly see your “Cold to Sold” process at a glance. Being able to see the journey your customer takes to go from not knowing who you are, to paying you money, is incredibly helpful. Because once you can see it, you can heavily optimize it. Once someone goes through the journey once, you can get more people to go through that journey faster - again and again. So spend some time now and clearly draw out every step of your sales process. Note: Make sure your sales process is filled with things you enjoy/want to do. You want to LOVE the process. It should feel rewarding to you. For example: Here’s my current sales process: Instagram Story → DM → 15 min Discovery Call → 60 min Sales Call → Client. And here’s the sales process I used to use: YT/FB Ad → Webinar → Sales Call → Client Here’s another one I used to use: FB Friend Add → Group Invite → DM → Discovery Call → Strategy Call Another one of my (super simple) favourite sales flows is: Free Joint Venture Promo → JV Workshop → 60 min sales call. Again, I suggest mapping out your process on Miro so you can clearly see your entire flow at a glance. Ultimately, what I see all great sales processes have in common are 3 C’s 1) Content 2) Conversations 3) Clients In summary: If your content is great, it will lead to great conversations with real people (be it in the DM’s, comment section, or on the phone). Those conversations (if done correctly) will then lead to those people becoming clients. And when you work with those clients and get them results, they’ll be happy to shoot a video testimonial for you, which you can then use as content…
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Fantastic information
I am here to post about the opportunity available through being part of this community. It wasn’t something I was expecting to become a part of, for whatever reason. I often find being in a group of people I don’t know a little overwhelming. As a perfectionist at heart I always want to get my things perfect and then show them to the world. I’ve joined other groups and got mixed results. The point of this post is to make clear, to communicate, why this opportunity is so valuable. I have a tremendous amount to share through my knowledge experience and what I’m committed to creating in the world Ted Carr and his team have given me that opportunity is. This is the way we change the world re-create industries and make the impact. We’re all committed and more than capable of making getting a message out. I’m committed to impacting is fashion, making it from some thing, wasteful something which is fuels our insecurities, something collaborative, beautiful impactful, for the greater good of all, for the empowerment of people and for the future of the planet. What is the industry you are transforming?
Craig Lewis
Doug Graham
Zahida A Khan
Ted Carr
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I bought the VIP Weekend and joined Contentpreneurs. Anyone thinking about it, do it. More than worth the investment of time and money!
Kuba Misiek
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AI Tool: Analyze Your Business Idea
I tried VenturusAI, and was impressed with the feedback. If you're looking for feedback about your business idea, enter as much detail as you can and get instant analysis on your idea using this AI Tool. Test drive:
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Awesome information!
Where are y'all from?
Would love to form some local connections 🙌
Waqar Ahmed
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Ingunn Hegge
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Hong Kong
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@Andrew Kroeze 20 years! The best place.
I just went through the FREEBIES section again. Incredible information there! Thanks for sharing so much gold...
Ingunn Hegge
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Want to win stuff every month? Fill out your info here.
Want me to ship you stuff in the mail each month? Fill out this form here <<< I'll be giving away cool prizes to the top leaders on the 30 day leaderboard. Sometimes it'll be top 3 leaders, sometimes top 10. The prizes will vary from a book sent in the mail, to a private Zoom call with me, to a custom t shirt :) To make sure you receive the prizes, fill out this form letting me know where to ship the goods! To rank higher on the leaderboard, make helpful posts in the community & answer people's questions. 1 like on your comment or post = 1 point on the leaderboard. Lezzgo!
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I am a Founder, Creative & Industry Expert in Fashion, Sustainability and Leadership, Creating strategies & solutions with Brands & Businesses.
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