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Filothea Favatas
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Bio: Fashion enthusiast. GHLASS founder.
Max Perzon
Sweden • INFJ
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Bio: Helping People Launch & Grow Profitable Skool Communities.
Bryan Holub
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Bio: Yogi Bryan is a Neuro Linguistic Programmer (NLP), E-RYT 200 Hour Yoga Instructor, and YACEP-Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.
Caprice Brown
Las Vegas NV
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Bio: 17 Years Old 7 Figure Brand Owner Social Media Marketing 3 Year Marketing Student YouTuber/ Fashion influencer Investor
Hamzah Salim
Switzerland • ENTJ
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Bio: Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs. Sold $2.3m+ in 19 months in marketing services, now...I help entrepreneurs scale to 100k/m through self-mastery
Ted Carr
Dubai • ENFP
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Bio: Skool investor. I help Skool users (for free) set up & grow profitable Skool communities from scratch. DM me 'SKOOL' & I'll help you get set up & grow
Jesse Clark
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Bio: Growth @ Need help with your community? Ask me anything!
Nick Hauser
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Bio: //
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Los Angeles, CA • ENTJ
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Bio: Community Lead @ Skool :)
Nick Guadagnoli
Los Angeles
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Bio: Chief of Staff at Skool
Akshay Rajsheakaran
India • ENFJ
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Bio: Help Enterprerneus Start talk show Millionare Master Connector make next $100k DM "100K" Now
Charity Brown
Phoenix AZ • ENFJ
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Bio: I am dedicated to helping address the challenges and obstacles CEOs face by helping create clarity with my 9 step inner fitness Happy CEO Program
Sam Ovens
Los Angeles, CA • INTJ
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Bio: CEO @ Skool.
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Kate Padget-Koh
I am a Founder, Creative & Industry Expert in Fashion, Sustainability and Leadership, Creating strategies & solutions with Brands & Businesses.

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