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We are the seal team six of selling. Those who master identity closing aren't "salespeople", they're "change agents" who always get commitment... πŸ₯·


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We are live! πŸ”΄
πŸ₯· Come throw down in the sales open house - Objections, questions, concerns.
A survey of 725 B2B buyers conducted in November and December 2021 revealed that 72% of customers said they prefer a β€œrep-free experience,” or completing their purchase without speaking to a rep at any point I wonder why that is the case? What do you think?
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Most sales people suck - I don't blame them Also depending on market sophistication, many people don't know how to align their sales process to what the buyer needs. Often so much information is withheld that consumers feel forced into taking calls just to obtain information. However in that process of "information gathering" sales people are so focused on selling the experience becomes painful for both. Customer is under informed to buy, closer is over eager to convert - and this creates tension between how sales people are perceived.
Throwback! - Sample NEPQ Call
Little gem for you guys! The call ends towards the end of the presentation. This was from back when I was newer into closing and getting my footing. Story is... after 2 follow up calls this guy went and got the full $5k for the program & Pif'd. Write your biggest take-aways in the comment below this post : )
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(🏁 Start Here) - Welcome To Persuasion Academy
Watch the welcome video below πŸ‘‡ Complete the action item in this video so you can get the most out of this group...
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@Abdirahman Farah Welcome inside!!! Very excited to have you
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Abe is a straight G for anyone who's looking to learn a thing or two about closing. Def worth the message
Get A Job Sales Job In 7 Days! (free mini course)
This past week I've had dozens of you reach out to get hired πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’« While not everyone made it through, lots of you have potential to get with a great company! ❀️ So I uploaded a mini course of exactly what I'd do day by day to land a sales job! Works even if you have... - NO network - NO friends who work in sales - NO prior sales experience - NO sexy social media profiles I did the equivalent of "undercover boss", and created a new identity and struggled my way through the scams, and other junk. Sure enough I got hired! 🀝 They were pissed when I told them It was for a program & I wasn't actually wanting to work... 😬 Comment "job" below & I'll send it to ya for free! 5 years ago I was in your same position, I get how hard it can be. And making this course brought me back to those days. However... Once you build your resume (follow what I teach) every job you get after is easy + I put in a list of 3 great staffing agencies that are taking applications (lil bonus for ya) 🎁 Comment "job", and I'll give you access. P.S - those of you who asked to be on my waitlist for other offers, i've already granted you access ;)
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@TorbjΓΆrn Strand Just gave you access!
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@Samet Dibra Just gave you access!
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