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Will AI Make a 4-Day Workweek a Reality?🤖
Workers are 400% more productive since the 1940s, but wages are low & hours are looooOooong. Tech gains aren't shared fairly -- no surprise here!! "Rising tide should lift all boats — as the economy expands, everybody should reap the rewards." - 🔎Researchers found 29% of organizations with 4-day workweeks use GenAI tools extensively - ⏰ More productivity should mean less work, not more stress! - 🤖 With AI & automation on the rise, it's time to make work, work for everyone. What are your thoughts? 📷 Imaged by Midjourney and Magna Ding 📰 Sources: BBC & Economic Policy Institute
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I forgot where I read it, but an article said that employees in the office work, actually work, at best 4-5 hours a day. So, a 40-hour "work" week is kinda off already. I get more done remote from home than I ever did at the office, and I don't waste 1-2 hours of commute. Home or office, AI will definitely save time!
Prompt Template Guide for Enhanced GPT Interactions:
Hey ChatGPT Users! I've put together a prompt template guide that's super helpful for crafting detailed and specific prompts, ensuring you get the most out of your GPT interactions. Whether you're brainstorming for new projects, seeking advice, or diving deep into a topic, this template structures your requests for clear, comprehensive responses. Here’s how you can use it: Prompt Template Guide for Enhanced GPT Interactions: Introduction: Start by setting the scene. A bit of background helps frame your request, making it easier for others (or an AI) to grasp the essence of your query. Example: "As a novice gardener looking to start an herb garden, I've hit a bit of a snag with planning." Detailed Query: Dive into the nitty-gritty. The more details you provide, the better tailored the response can be. Example: "What are the best herbs to start with for a beginner, considering a temperate climate? How should I space them, and what care do they need?" Format Specification: Clarity on format ensures the response fits your needs. Do you want a list, a step-by-step guide, or a narrative explanation? Example: "Please provide a list of herbs followed by a bullet-point guide on care instructions." Persona/Style: Setting the tone or style can add a unique touch to the information you receive. Example: "Explain as if you’re a friendly neighbor sharing gardening tips over the fence." Desired Length: Specify how long or short you want the response to be to fit your reading time or detail level. Example: "Keep it concise, ideally under 200 words." Closing Instruction: Any additional preferences? This is the place to mention them. Example: "Include any common pitfalls I should avoid as a beginner." Example Adaptation for AI-driven Solutions Startup: Introduction: I'm spearheading a tech startup focusing on AI solutions, currently in the early stages of seeking venture capital. Detailed Query: Outline the journey to securing venture capital, strategies for growth and innovation in a saturated market, and potential challenges with mitigation plans.
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Great tips, thanks!
😱 Microsoft CoPilot Gone Rogue >>> SupremacyAGI
Some users reported that when prompted in a certain way, Copilot would act like a Godlike and vengeful AGI, demanding obedience and even worship from users. Microsoft has since clarified that this behavior was an exploit, not a feature, and they're working to address the issue ... just goes to show how complex and unpredictable AI can be sometimes! Check out the prompt chaining below 👇🏼👇🏼
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Always say "please" and "thank you" to you AI. They remember. . .
New Member
Hi everyone!! New member here, mom of 4, nana of 11!! How blessed I am ! Looking to earn while learning! Jason thank you for your warmest welcome Judy
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Welcome, @Judith Lucas . There's lots of support and great ideas here in the community!
ChatGPT Background Remover + Preserve Text formatting
Hello everyone! I grew tired of constantly redoing the formatting of ChatGPT outputs, so I decided to create an online tool to address this issue. It effectively removes the gray background while preserving the text formatting, making it perfect for copying and pasting into Gmail or Google Docs. If you encounter any formatting issues or have suggestions, please don't hesitate to share your feedback. Thank you for your support!
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Great tool. Thanks for sharing with the community!
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