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Welcome to our new members!
🌟 Hello and a big welcome to all our new members! 🌟 I am so happy you decided to join us here! @Bisola Dcrownixx @Karini J @Faith Adebayo @Danie Hopkins @Raymond Zhu We're thrilled to have you join Achieve Hub! This is your space to grow, share, and connect with fellow achievers who are all about making every day count. To our existing members, let's show our newest members some love! Drop a welcome message, share a tip or your fav GIF, or tell us about a recent win to inspire us all! And to our newcomers, we’d love to hear from you! Introduce yourself here! To Achieving Success, Together!
New comment May 20
Welcome to our new members!
2 likes • May 20
Welcome! Marianne is great at helping you find more ways to crush your goals while still having work life balance!
Add a little laugh to your Wednesday morning
Posted this video this morning It made me thought about you @Bill Whaley 💪 Check it out and tell me in the comment if you liked it 😀
New comment May 9
Add a little laugh to your Wednesday morning
1 like • May 8
Lol that one made me laugh out loud! What type of calendars do you know of that are effective?
Time Management: It’s Not Another Chore!
When it comes to time management, finding what works for you is key. There are so many methods and practices out there that you can learn, implement, and try. The goal here is to find something that makes sense for you, your brain, your rhythm, and the season of life you are in. If the thought of planning and scheduling for a whole week feels too daunting, why not start with just the next two days? And if the idea of time blocking overwhelms you, consider jotting down your daily tasks on a card to keep handy throughout your day. I often emphasize the importance of planning, prioritizing and scheduling—then sticking to your calendar. But if these concepts seem too much right now, let's figure out a manageable first step together. Curious about different time management strategies? Drop a comment and let me know!
New comment May 4
Time Management: It’s Not Another Chore!
2 likes • May 4
I love this idea, because a whole week can feel too unknown for me with the little one. So doing a few at a time feels more realistic.
2 likes • May 4
@Marianne Suarez Sabugo I think when I'm looking at a plan I can pretty much commit to, then it's 2 days and then I have "vision" for 1-2 weeks out. I make a commitment to a lot of my business stuff, but then it feels like my personal life is liquid.
You should have been there!
The Get Things Done Masterclass was amazing! Marianne provided a lot of eye opening information and one of the many things I really appreciated from it was time blocking your to do list. I write a to do list each day but I never time block it so in my mind the things that will take a long time sometimes don't and the things I think are quick sometimes are not. I also will listen to her advice on making sure to take REAL breaks vs breaks to do more work. Thank you, Marianne for having such an amazing masterclass and a great offer on your Achievers' Circle package! 🙌
New comment Apr 26
You should have been there!
🎉 It's Win Wednesday! 🎉
Happy Wednesday Achievers! What goal did you smash or limit did you push this week? ✨ Whether it was nailing a tough assignment, helping a friend, or simply getting through the week, you've shown incredible strength and determination. We're all about celebrating those personal and business victories. Got a win to share? Drop it below! Let's fill our feed with positivity and cheer each other on. 🥳
New comment Apr 4
🎉 It's Win Wednesday! 🎉
0 likes • Apr 3
My win Wednesday is personal... I've had lots of wins everywhere, but my little one is starting to communicate his wants, needs, and emotions more and I'm beyond happy about it. His personal favorite way to communicate he just wants some extra love that moment is asking for a little and then a big hug. 🥹 or he will hold up his little hand to do 1/2 a heart 🫶😭🥰
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