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Jung Suh
Torrance, California β€’ INFP
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Bio: I'm Jung Woo and I live in SoCal. I currently work as a program manager in the aerospace industry. I'm ready to build, launch, and grow my $1M app.
Chad Kodary
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Bio: Over the past 13 years i've helped thousands of entrepreneurs build successful marketing agencies. I'm also the CEO and co-founder of DashClicks.
Jp Libre
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Bio: Stay humble.
Hossam Mekki
Egypt β€’ ENTJ
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Bio: Video editor 🎬
Mohammed Amin
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Mark Ballinger
β€’ Active 504d ago
Bio: I want to make money making apps
Jeff Joslin
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Bio: Entrepreneur, developer, and passionate about helping companies grow their businesses by leveraging mobile.
Aissa Bqk
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Bio: try to get better
Anthony Price
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Bio: I love MONEY!!!
Amas Alshmmri
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Bio: Yo
Lahafol Fola
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Bio: test
Jean Amedee
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Bio: i am a 23 year college student studying engineering physics i like to play videos games
Emad Hanna
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Bio: Pharmacist with tech background
Todd Gragg
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Bio: Videographer
Kabir K
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Bio: Student, open web advocate, natural solutions fan
Tanner Miller
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Bio: k
David Nervi
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Bio: I help people remove past regrets and avoid future regrets using powerful coaching and hypnosis processes.
John Whitehurst
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Bio: Yes
Bill Richard
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Bio: I'm alive, I think.
Daniel Ghebreyohannes
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Michael Carberry
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Bio: Here to learn!
Dinesh Kumar
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Bio: Dinesh Kumar
Dan Ryan
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Bio: Hello
Monica McDaniel
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Bio: Certified Life Coach, author, speaker, and a hobby DIY-er.
Tim Nardoni
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Bio: IT pro, married 28 years, with three grown kids
Paul Francis
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Bio: Welcome to the world of Backalleytoonz Games, where gaming and hip hop collide to create an electrifying experience like no other! Get ready
Paul Klein
β€’ Active 139d ago
Bio: Digital product creator, serial entrepreneur
Abel Caballero DΓ­az
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Bio: ........
Qais Almhairat
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Bio: I love helping businesses grow!
Pk King
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Bio: Hello
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Jaime Mantilla
I am an IT and marketing consultant looking to build wealth by owning digital assets to fulfill my dreams and make a difference in this world πŸš€

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Tampa Bay, Fl
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