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Williams Maris
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Bio: A retired teacher
Jp Libre
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Bio: Stay humble.
Steve Veloudos
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Bio: Steve V, Indie Dev and owner of SV Software LLC.
Jung Suh
Torrance, California β€’ INFP
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Bio: I'm Jung Woo and I live in SoCal. I currently work as a program manager in the aerospace industry. I'm ready to build, launch, and grow my $1M app.
Godwin Orji
Baltimore Maryland
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Bio: Tech enthusiast, Active learner. Aiming to collaborate, innovate, and inspire. Let's shape the future of tech together.
Andrae Peters
Sandton, South Africa
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Bio: Work and fish
Salai Champooranan
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Bio: Looking to learn and share knowledge!
Jeremy Quaye
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Bio: I'm Jeremy
Ivan Lima
β€’ Active 210d ago
Bio: Later
Sivakumar Jeyaprakash
β€’ Active 13d ago
Bio: Hardware design engineer from San Diego, California
Deonza Williams
β€’ Active 285d ago
Bio: Teach and learn new things
Vincent Oppong
β€’ Active 108d ago
Bio: An Appreneur who's found himself making Apps and helping others do the same so they can create the life they love ❀
Babatunde Ayo
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Bio: Application developer
Naga Venkata Pavan Kumar Kotha
Sunnyvale, CA
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Bio: Desire to Make 'NeverTheLess' Apps :-)
Zachary Henry
Noblesville, IN β€’ INTJ
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Bio: Howdy everyone! I am a Marine veteran, father of three, and husband of one. I live just outside of Indianapolis, IN and am a government contractor.
Honory Jerome
Africa and the USA β€’ INFJ
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Bio: I've worked as an accountant, banker, affiliate, and grant management specialist. My goal is for my apps to generate a steady cash flow
Puru Patil
β€’ Active 353d ago
Bio: Working on life saving techs while coding med-robots and implants. Interested in developing time-n-health saving apps and great connections.
Henry Mathias
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Bio: Engineering
Kanagaraj Mahamuni
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Bio: IT Consultant
Cindy Hanson
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Bio: Engineer, Rancher, Business Owner, App owner, and lover of life!
Justin O'Connor
Nashville, TN
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Bio: Stoked to be a part of the Zero To App team and to help change people's lives πŸ’ͺ πŸ€‘
Viktoria Ilieva
Kissimmee, Florida
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Bio: Currently live in Kissimmee, USA. Interested in Real Estate, Trading, crypto currencies, natural healing.
Jason Repetto
Los Angeles
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Bio: I do everything and nothing,I am interested in all that is between birth and death.The cultivation of the mind is a timeless and eternal art.
Md revenue Recovery
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Bio: Biomedical ENG/IT
Harold Harris
Atlanta, GA
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Bio: January 01, 2023, The Dynasty Began.
Game Changer
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Bio: Robotics engineer by profession. Just trying to go from zero to infinity...
Diana Walker
Colorado, USA β€’ INFP
β€’ Active 25d ago
Bio: App designer - productivity, organization & style. Planner author on Amazon. Jack Russell Terrier dog owner, her name is Gemma Dot.
Matt Furry
Lake Tahoe California USA β€’ INFP
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Jaime Mantilla
I am an IT and marketing consultant looking to build wealth by owning digital assets to fulfill my dreams and make a difference in this world πŸš€

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