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Anyone Get Clarity on what's The TRUE cost for ALL things Needed to be Successful in the FINGERPRINTING BUSINESS?.. Please DO YOUR RESEARCH.. ASK MANY QUESTIONS.....Please Don't Take I DONT KNOW for your ANSWER...Integrity is KEY..!!!! KEY..... Don't BE Rushed in YOUR PURCHASING NOTHING.......ITS A PROCESS that Takes TIME AND RESEARCH.....!!! I have been VARIOUS Calling Vendors.. DO YOUR HOMEWORK....... RESEARCH!!!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK.........RESEARCH, Some things to Consider when PURCHASING AND LOOKING FOR A TRUST WORTHY VENDOR, Who WIL NOT mislead ,misinform and or Care Not To share Information Needed to be Successful in the Industry you're seeking to engage in.... Just some things to Consider...::: •Ask for references, UPDATED Content as of 2023... •REFUND POLICY...HOW LONG from Date Of ARRIVAL at the Delivery address....NOT PURCHASED DATE, you Might Be Waiting...15 to 30 days or more before you Get a tracking # and or shipping notice...!!!! In the Real World, It might not be the case... In FP world..It Jist Might... Again PLEASE Consider the Source. •24 HOUR SUPPORT AVAILABLE for troubleshooting, Is there a COST for (After Business Hours) •Additional Fees Access for AFTER HOURS Tech Support •Maintenance Fees Applicable On Software, Equipment, Scanner, Printer, etc •Is TRAINING Included with the PURCHASE of Goods, Ongoing or is there a Limited amount Offered? •Discount, for multiple purchases ? •Setup, Is there an additional cost •Web Support OFFERED, from Website created... •Website Managed BY BUSINESS Owners or VENDOR?, if Vendor...Can Client EDIT CONTENT ONGOING? •WARRENTY After Software, PC, SCANNER, PRINTER paid For....Whats included •UPDATES for software... How often.. •Whats the warrenty on the Laptop.. Manufacturer., Already 1 year... SO when does the EXTENDED warrenty KICK in...? •Specs on PC, find Out if you have optiong in your selection...It Might might be (NEW/used/Refurbished) Does It come with MICROSOFT suite, Adobe,etc. •Wifi Compatibility or is Built-In WiFi
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@Boni Jacobs You are Most WELCOME
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You're most welcome
Happy Sunday..How Is FP Business going for the New Biz Owners???
As far Mine. Things are moving along, Thankful..🙏🏼. Doing a few FP here and There.. Enjoying Helping with FP No millions In a Month, As Rome Was Not Built In a Day!!! Waiting on Feedback for my LiveScan equipment, services, payments options terms and conditions to be given Interesting to say the least on the various services that are offered all the way around.. Being able to offer multiple services!!! Enjoying the knowledge being gained!!!!! NEWS YOU CAN USE.... •Be Sure to confirm what your cost will be Ongoing for ALL services.. •Please keep in mind. ALTHOUGH you BUYING (paying monthly payments, etc. OR paying outright NO financing) the equipment.. •Be MINDFUL that DOES NOT cover THE FEES that you will have to pay for the services you are rendering to your consumers, for your channeling services, etc.. •ASK questions...DO NOT JUST GO WITH THE SUGGESTIONS given to you..BY your Potential Service provider... (REMEMBER THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS...) INVESTING COMES with A COST!!!.. (money not just falling from the sky) •You want to Know THE BOTTOM LINE to it All... •Having a Not Asking questions attitude , just because starting a business IS not The Answer!!! There Is the WRONG Questions...ASK and ASK UNTIL you getClartiy of what You are Investing In!!! •Write it Down (questions) Before you speak with you potential Vendor/Service Provider !!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆This B2B, Straight 101☆☆☆☆☆ WISH everyone the Best in their Journey!! Have a Blessed Week!!! ....🙌....!!!
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Grand Rising to you sir.. No, I am Not in Illinois nor am I familiar with its laws and the process for the state . Happy Holidays to you and yours!!
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Business is Doing Pretty Good, It's a Process and you Must work your craft.. Website is up, along marketing, mentoring with others, weekly calls and our group is Doing good ..We are getting it done.. Small steps create Huge Success I am Grateful & Thankful for paying attention, following my intiution and Not moving tooooooo fast, Doing my research on vendors, materials, supplies, channeling, etc... IT'S Slow motion when dealing with business ventures.. This is an additional biz and we are excelling... adding to what's already in place and thriving.. GOD IS GOOD..!!!! WISHING ALL THE BEST!! ITS pays to pay attention 😌 KEEP STRIVING for the time is coming!!
HAPPY Sunday, hoping all is well with Everyone.. How's Business. Are you Happy with your Channeling Company, Fulcrum/PrintScan, etc. or are you still getting the Business off the Ground? Many things to consider.. Fees, equipment,marketing and pricing just to name a few.. As we all are striving to EXCEL to the Next level.. Wishing you the Best.. It's work Day in and Day Out.. Nothing is HAPPENING over night.. Rome was not built in 1 Day . Stay Focused.... REMEMBER NO QUESTION IS THE WRONG QUESTIONS (ASK AND BE SURE TO GET AN ANSWER you are Comfortable with...) This is YOUR INVESTMENT, Hard EARNED AND OR BORROWED MONIES BEING SPENT in Other words YOUR Business, Matters!!! MONEY does NOT Grow on Trees.. Enjoy the Venture and MAKE money that Make Sense!!! 🙌🏾 to ALL!!!!
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Which State..
Which state do you want an updated 2024 written guide for? We have 30 drafts right now but are waiting for more and need some feedback :) Comment your state below ⬇️
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Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays to All.. Be Safe and Have Fun... Enjoy your Freinds and Family your the FULLEST.... Share a Smile and Love with Others... Take Care and Be Bless!!!
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