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Hey everyone, and thanks for having me here. I'm excited about this community and how we can share and learn from each other. I'm a firm believer in the “tide lifting all boats”, and I want to thank AJ&Smart for sharing so much of their expertise. It's a true game changer for the industry. A few words about me: I have a background in journalism and political speech writing at top-government level before deciding to focus on human growth and mental health in organizations, as well as on the individual level. I have been doing it in various ways for 15 years now and have experimented a lot. Probably too much, but it's part of who I am to explore the next frontier (it's sooo tempting… not always wise, though…). I believe facilitation is the next-big-thing in human thinking, but I have to admit I didn't see the full scale and impact of it, until I came across AJ&Smart, so I'm here to learn as much as I can.



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    @Atlas Blake Thank you for your kind words. Yeah, it’s a biggie for me that human awareness. It’s our biggest asset of the future, and developing collaborative intelligence is our only real human alternative to artificial intelligence. If we don’t link our minds in really clever ways going forwards, we are quite simply lost. Facilitation is a key stone in that regard, in my opinion.

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    @Ryan de Metz Thanks Ryan. Excited to be here. :)

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I'm a facilitator of mental health in organizations. I love writing, cooking, and travelling, but most of all I love seeing people grow.

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