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Restrict classroom access
I don't want to give all members access to all my courses, when they join my community. So I created some courses with "some members have access". But how can I define who "some" is?
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Philipp, you can offer access by using Zapier. For that, you need to go to plugins-> zapier. Then in Zapier actions, you can easily add conditions for offering access. If you want people to get access when they hit level 1 instead of "all", that is also possible. For doing it, you simply change it to "access at level 1". Hope it helps ;)
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@Gurbaaz Warraich Yes! There is a way of doing it. Basically, you take payment elsewhere and set an action: "Whenever the payment is successful, "you add the person to the product access." So consider using Thrivecart, for example. You create a product in Thrivecart and set the zapier hook. - When payment status -> successful - Add "access" for the course in Skool I believe Thrivecart is best for doing it. You can also add Upsells, recurring subscriptions, and bump offers. And it is one-time payment for unlimited use. Added an image for reference.
Zapier Action/Web hook to post ++
Would love to be able to schedule posts in the community. And an ability to enrol community members as affiliates.
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@Dominik Spirit I thought about it. And it makes sense to be honest.
💰 Without Courses
Friends, if you are on the fence about creating a Skool community, there are probably legitimate obstacles preventing you from taking the plunge. In this post, I hope I can convince and encourage you to not only start a Skool community, but I’ll show you how to build a real, viable business, focusing on your expertise, without creating a course. If you don’t know me, I was a music producer for over a decade working with Grammy Winning Artists from all over the world. From there, I started an online education company teaching people how to become music producers. That company grew (and continues to grow) to multi 7 figures. From there, I sold it and then started Kollege, where I find underground talent who want to get paid to do what they love by shifting into online education. I won’t bore you with details, you can listen to the story here when Sam and I met up. After selling thousands of courses, running a cross functional team, and living in the online education world, I am sympathetic to the many challenges and obstacles you need in place in order to make millions of dollars online. Until now, in order to get paid to do what you love online you needed: - Course: An online course with lots of content that got students or clients results - Sales Calls: A stacked calendar constantly selling people into your course - Paid Advertising: Money -> Ads -> VSL -> Survey -> Book a call - Organic Content: YouTube videos, Podcast, Joint Ventures - Team: Sales team, coaches, managers, operators There have been some alternate versions of this that help the creator, educator, or expert in some way. This could look like having a successful YouTube channel so you don’t need to run ads. Or you find that there are people willing and able to sell on your behalf so you don’t need to be on sales calls. Or you find that a course doesn’t sell as well with your industry so you launch a mastermind with some events so you can focus on connecting authentically with people without worrying about selling. While these attempts have been helpful to the industry, you still need to compromise some version of you or some version of your business.
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@Blake La Grange 😂 Not easy, I am sure.
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@Rodney Waits bro! Exactly same my feelings. I left the industry because of the same reasons. Will love to know what are you upto
Method not allowed (API error)
I tried enrolling people through API, but it looks like I am not able to do it, and it's throwing me an error. What to do here? (check left top)
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@Shubham Borad yeah man. With zap it’s all cool. I was trying to make my own app actually. 😅😅 that’s why I tested. Looks like something is wrong with webhooks right now
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@Sid Sahasrabuddhe oh yes. I tried it 3 hrs ago and I got the issue. Makes sense. thank you
5 Things I'd love to see in Skool - Level Up the Gamification/Status
Enjoying this platform so far! and I have a few suggestions that would be very helpful so far in my usage of the platform. Feature Updates I would like to see: - Custom Achievements (Gamification): if we could give out custom achievements or awards, and our clients/members can "show" their top 3 achievements on their profile display. Example, I have a fitness community. I would like to give a medal/achievement for our members that have completed 1000 workouts, and newer members when they hit, maybe 50. Also, a "50lbs down" medal or something. This reminds me a bit of Halo 3 where you can display your top highlights, awards, etc on your player profile. Giving course creators that way of giving a new level of "achievements" that clients/members can strive for through performance, I think would be fun - Calendar only allows scheduling every half hour. I have events I would like to schedule for 8:15pm instead of 8pm or 8:30pm. Also, duration, I would like to include 15min increments as well. - I'm unsure if there is an option to have a private community for free, and give the option for a member to pay x$ to retain access if they are no longer a member of an outside paid program/subscription - Achievements/status in profile for 100% of Classroom completion for courses, like a medal similar to the custom achievements suggestion - Being able to use bold text in our posts to highlight the important stuff There is definitely a lot of potential here vs other options! (I posted this originally in the wrong category)
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really good suggestions man. Hope team takes note of them
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