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Onboard Another Client
I'm excited to share I've onboarded another client. He is an Author & Entrepreneur based in Australia. I am redesigning his books funnel and also going to help him on his another project on Apps promotion. . Thank You Universe! . As I started funnels business few months back, I learned one lesson i.e Keep the Momentum and Trust the Process :)
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Congratulations @Vibhor Arora
Welcome back to the community
I have not been active on this community for a while now because of clients projects guys But from next week be back for sure Hope I didn't missed anything guys ☺️?
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🔵 "Land Unlimited Clients Using This 1 DM"
Instead of spending $500 on ads per client you land. Invest this instead, that cost you $0.
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Tanks for this amazing one @Gusten Sun
Guy pls drop your suggestions on a funnel strategy for a coaching Funnel and your offer to them. Let's Help ourselves improve in one way or the other 😊
For me here is my Funnel strategy for a coaching funnel for clients. The first strategy a 3 step funnle step - A sales page explaining their offers - Application form - Booking page paid or free This funnle is for coaching that wants to book an appointment. The second strategy is a 4 step funnel step - Lead page - A Vsl page for selling the coaching offer - Order page - Thanks for page This funnle is for coaches that once to selling their coaches offer directly without a call. My offer to them. I am offering a full Funnel package - I look into Your offer, and how it fits into the coaching funnel ​- Funnel outline and making sure it converts - ​Market research to match your brand voice - ​Copywriting to clearly communicate what you sell - I created an targeted copies ( sales letter ) that Attact your idea ideas audience and repel unqualified ones. - Once we’ve mapped out, we’ll move onto the exciting part – design! - This is where l work all the elements of your branding that make your business shine into the funnel – complete with captivating mockups, eye-catching images, and an un-ignorable aesthetic. - Start to finish funnel design - ​All funnel steps included ​Custom graphics, all specific to your brand that will capture your audience and WOW them. - Finally, after the design has been signed off, I’ll turn that vision into reality! - ​Mobile optimization so it's responsive to all users - ​Tech integrations so it's all running smoothly - We’ll take all the design mockups, and images we’ve created and build the funnel out. - And just to make sure that your funnel can launch smoothly out of the gate, After that? All you have to do is plug it into your strategy of getting traffic, and switch it on😎 This whole process typically takes about 7-21 days You'll Have A Premium Funnel Designed For Conversions”, I Mean It. So this is my process, funnel strategy and offer guys Pls you can share yours in the comments section.
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@Joseph Adeokun sure man Let's connect Thanks for the share
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@Hunter Bell thanks for this man. But can you talk more about this?
The ONE DM Outreach Message to Land Clients in 2024
Who wants a free training on ONE simple message that WILL land you clients as a funnel grandmaster? It works in any industry, in any country, on any social media platform. Let me know with a comment below and I'll film it tomorrow if enough ppl want it. - G
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I will appreciate boss
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We are waiting for this pls @Gusten Sun
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