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What type of content do YOU want to see?
Hey everyone! Hope everyone is having a great day so far! Since these groups are made for YOU, I would love to hear some insight about what type of content you would like to see from the SSHC Team moving forward! Let me know in the comment section. Would love to hear your opinions!
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What type of content do YOU want to see?
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I would like to see inspirational content, marketing content, and how-to content
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@Adryana Todd yes totally agree, especially when things get hard and you feel low. That's when you need something to cheer you up 😊😊😊🙌
Just wanted to throw a thread up here in case people wanted to have a central place to check and connect for finding roommates for SSHC Live. I've seen some scattered mentions of people looking, so I figured it may be worth creating a "rooming ad" board of sorts. I personally already have my room fully occupied, but for anyone else who wants to drop their accommodations or are looking for someone else for splitting a rooming situation--feel free to use this post!
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@Kimberly Lind let's connect. where is best?
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@Jillian Chong I am going with my sister. We would like to stay at the hotel and split costs.
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#Video 3 To be invincible means nothing can overcome or defeat us Giving value- 10:1ratio
Module 1 Video 3
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Lesson: 30/40/30 1) What amount do I need to live in my current comfort? $200,000 30%: $60,000 to live off 40% $ 80,000 tax 30% $60,000 assets 2) What amount do I need to live at my desired DREAM level? $1,000,000 30% $300,000 to live off 40% $400,000 tax 30% $300,000 assets #Video 2
Module 1 Video 1
Hi everyone! My name is Delia. I am currently a student of physical therapy first year. I will be going to Rutgers Newark in NJ in September. I am currently a personal trainer. I will be starting a position at the YMCA soon. I am taking it as a way for practice and convince myself I am able to train someone and get them results. I have been working at a hospital setting since 2017. I came in the system not knowing what I wanted to do even though I knew I wanted to be a PT. I gave myself so many excuses as to why I wouldn't do PT. I was nurses aide for 5 months, found out quickly it was not for me. I didn't like nursing. I transferred to the PT outpatient department. I learned that the therapists are drained and disappointed in the system. They would complain about everything and they were unhappy even though they seem to like and respect the profession. I thought to myself there has to be a better way if I truly want to be a Physical Therapist. If not I will not go back to school. I googled "entrepreneur physical therapist" and I did deep research in google and then on Instagram. I somehow found Greg and started following him. Why do I want to make this happen & Passion : For my family. I want them to know that all their efforts are worth it. I want our situation to change. I am very desperate to make this happen so my dad doesn't have to work so hard. He is the breadwinner of the house. My dad is 71 years old. He deserves better situation. Who taught me about money. My dad (God bless him) is the only one who has earned. We have always lived paycheck to paycheck. My mom and dad pushed me to go to school so I can earn more. They don't know any better. As immigrants they just want me to live a better life than they did in their home land. My dad could not really educate me about money. My parents would tell me to save my money. Yet, every time I did it needed to be withdrawal for something else. If the bank charged overdraft I would withdrawal money from my savings. I really lack financial education. My dad went bankrupt and all he taught me was not go to bankrupt. Very painful experience because he is the breadwinner and my sister and I were very young at that time.
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@Jamie Bomtempo Thank you so much Jamie for taking the time to give me this information. I have shadowed an OT before, she was a hand therapist. Then I shadowed a PT. They are similar and different. It was a lot of back and forth when I was in that decision-making stage when I was taking my pre-requisite before applying. I appreciate your comment and your help.
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@Greg Todd This comment really touch my heart. I have been obsessed with this thought of how do I take a load off for him. I am so happy to be here and appreciate meeting all the people I have met thanks to the work you have done Greg. I feel very lucky to be here.
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Delia Duran
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I serve individuals who have body insecurity and body shame and want to overcome it to live a healthier lifestyle. I am a personal trainer &DPTstudent

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