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Can someone explain Medicare considerations within our business model more? I need ease of mind. Haha
I have this Advance Beneficiary Notice regarding Medicare coverage, and @Greg Louie and I were trying to understand how we can provide our services cash-pay heath and wellness programs if people with Medicare are required to use it first? I asked ChatGPT and this is the response I got, but I want to understand better how others are actually applying this with their older adult demographic that qualify under Medicare. I have a lead who is getting surgery and is wanting to work with me, but I don't accept Medicare, so does she have to go through a standard PT clinic first and then work with me or how can I resolve this? Question: Do I have to use medicare in physical therapy before starting into a health and wellness program? ChatGPT: Not necessarily. If you want to start a health and wellness program without needing physical therapy, you don't have to use Medicare. You can choose to participate in those programs on your own and pay for them yourself. However, if you have a specific health condition or an injury that requires physical therapy, it's important to talk to your doctor. They will determine if physical therapy is necessary for your situation. If your doctor recommends physical therapy, Medicare may help cover the cost if you qualify for Medicare benefits. In summary, you don't have to use Medicare for health and wellness programs that are not related to a specific health condition. But if physical therapy is recommended by your doctor for a specific injury or condition, Medicare may help cover the cost of that therapy.
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Welcome to the NEW SSHC Community!
We would like to welcome you all to the new SSHC Community! Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do!
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Welcome to the NEW SSHC Community!
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@Lindsey Ayala I will be there! I fly in Thursday night and leave Monday morning. Planning on getting a couple of games in at the local court while I'm there. Haha
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@Colleen Liaga I'm in San Luis Obispo! I used to live in Riverside for a few years during college! I pass by every now and then because I still have friends in the area. I'd love to meet up sometime if our paths take us nearby one another!
Hi All! For anyone wanting to work on their Trello boards in real time with me, I'm hosting a body-doubling session on Zoom tonight, Wednesday April 19th at 8PM EST (5pm PST). Here's the link if you want to join! Meeting ID: 899 7619 1774 Passcode: 131706
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@Jennifer Kinkade thanks for tagging people! I'm running long from my meeting just prior to the body-double, so hang tight! I'll open the room soon.
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@Jennifer Kinkade I'm online!
Trello Board Body-Doubling Session!
Body-doubling (def.) - a productivity strategy in which another person works alongside you as you complete a task you might otherwise find challenging. A bunch of us on the last brainstorm call agreed we want to hop on a Zoom call to work on our Trello boards at the same time and help troubleshoot with one another in real time! Vote below on your preferred date/time before Tuesday night at 5PM Eastern so I have time to send an announcement on the decided time where I can host! Or! If anyone else wants to host a Trello Body-Doubling session, feel free to chime in from the comment section!
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IIS Module 3, Video 2
Put your comments here!
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Providers/Influencers: 1. Dayne Gingrich 2. Ernie Medina 3. Sylvie Beauregard 4. Dotti Berry 5. Pickleball Recovery 6. Dr. Mark Kowall 7. Jody Belsher 8. Sarah Ansboury 9. Mark Renneson 10. Rick Witsken Businesses: 1. Pickleball Socks 2. Jigsaw Health 3. ProStretch 4. Joola 5. Selkirk 6. Tennis Warehouse 7. Paddletek 8. Pickleball Workbook 9. Dill Dinkers 10. Onix Community 1. USAPA 2. The Kitchen 3. PFFW 4. Pismo Athletic Club 5. Trilogy Pickleball Club 6. Atascadero Pickleball Club 7. SLO Pickleball Club 8. Global Pickleball Without Borders 9. Soto Park 10. Pickleball Missions
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Sarah Leong-Lopes
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Creator of PHASE Physical Therapy and Wellness. Pickleball Physio. I love dogs, Disney, the arts, handcrafting, movement, and the pursuit of learning.

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