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Where is everyone based?
I'm curious where everyone is based in the world? I'm in Israel and was wondering if there are others from previous cohorts who are also here? I'd also love to know how people are bringing this work into their practices? Individual sessions, group sessions, online, face to face? I found myself getting overwhelmed at the possibilities and we aren't even there yet 😂
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@Mike Swaney much appreciated.
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@Joana De Almeida So good to find your purpose. Thank you for answering the call. You are destined to touch many lives
Leveling Up
I am starting to get excited. I need 10 points to go to the next level..... Been waiting expectantly for a while for this one... Can wait to do the next journey that unlocks....
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@Neil Watkins I agree
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@Svein Ove Halvorsen Keep going at your own pace. There is no rush. It will all unfold as it should.
9D revolution team member
So I have put my fears and doubts aside and joined the 9D team today. This is something I know I can do!
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@Neil Watkins Indeed I do. Next level 7. Way to go. One step at a time.
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@Jenny Faulkner One step at a time. When you look back you see you have climbed a mountain.
START HERE: Welcome to The Breathwork Revolution!
Welcome to the breathwork revolution my friend! The tools, the technology and the tribe in this community have the power to change your world. And when you change Your world, everyone around you benefits. We’re here to transform, to grow, and to create a better life for ourselves and for others, so in that spirit there’s two simple things I want you to do: 1. Drop a post and introduce yourself. Where are you from? What are your passions? And most importantly - what kind of life do you want to create? 2. Like, comment and support at least 3 other people in this community. We’re doing this together, which means showing up together.  Stay tuned and watch this space! Good things are coming. Life is a mental game guys! Once you are leveled up on the mental side you can kiss goodbye the cycles of self sabotage and limiting beliefs. This is where you get to become the designer of your own life. Master of your destiny. Get ready.
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@Rick Petry You are so welcome
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@Jessica U Welcome!!
Winding down at night
I struggle with insomnia and use meds to help, but struggle to sleep well, even with the help of meds. So I have started to do 20min of 4-7-8 breathing before I go to sleep and I struggle! I struggle to slowly breath out for 8 seconds. And then it feels like O2 deprivation and I am gasping for air when I am allowed to breath. I am wondering if this doesn't add more stress to my body in an attempt to calm it. Maybe there is some other technique I can try to activate my parasympathetic response to relax before bedtime? Or should I just shoulder through this unease until it becomes easy? I have been doing this for 2 nights now and experienced an slight improvement in how fast I can then get to sleep and sleep quality. Any comments are welcome!
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@Liezel Bredenkamp Wow thats cool.
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@Megan Perry HI there. Please explain what you mean by heart coherence
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Debrah-Anne de Lange
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I am a keen student open and curious. Thanks Brian. Excited to learn grow & heal so that I can inspire challenge & encourage others on their journey.

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Polokwane South Africa
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