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Ce canale de ads folositi pentru B2B?
Incercam sa experimentam canele noi de ads la FeedCheck si ne-am gandit ca cel mai intelept este sa intrebam comunitatea
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as incerca Reddit clar ... Linkedin pentru voi s-ar putea sa fie cam scump si greut de convertit daca nu targetati o industrie/verticala clara X ads ar mai putea sa mearga, acum e foame mare de bani acolo si poate functiona si newsletter sponsorship poate functiona daca gasesti o audienta buna
How do you incorporate AI in your marketing activity?
Today, a funny thing happened at work. I was on a call with @Andrei Stoica, and a partner joked about how half of the audience is AI 😅. We're not afraid that AI will take our jobs (we're smart people - just to set things straight from the start🤣); we even let it learn from us. 🦸 It gives us, in return, the best meeting notes, takeaways with links to the dedicated sections from the recording, easy integration with other tools (e.g., Hubspot, G-Suite, Teams, Zoom), and the next steps laid out in an easy-to-follow to-do list, transcripts of our talk, and a follow-up email. All for free. 😎 It helped me focus better and have more meaningful discussions with my clients (I remember how fragmented my calls were because I needed to stop & ensure I noted down everything essential🫣). If you haven't explored them yet, here are my best AI Meeting Assistants: - Bubbles, I've learned about it from @Liana Stoica, and I love that it understands Romanian so well 🫶 - Fathom, I've learned about it from @Daniel Secareanu, and I like the takeaways, the upcoming call notification, and the easy integration with Hubspot & G-suite. Bonus - my Grammarly pal ensures I write like a native English speaker and helps me improve my vocabulary. And ofc, chatGPT (I won't link anything here for obvious reasons 🫠), with whom I always have respectful talks (saying "please," "thanks," and "you did an awesome job here" ✌️) when it helps me shorten the copy I provide for my clients for the X platform. I H-A-T-E-D this tedious task before AI. That's about it. My almighty AI tech stack 😅. I'm genuinely looking to expand my toolbox, so note in the comments what your preferred tools are.
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ChatGPT to be honest has failed me more than it helped me. It's great to get clickbait content but not once it has produced an insightful piece of content. One tool that is actually helpful is MeetGeek - my meeting assistant that automatically records and summarizes all my calls. Watch out for something really interesting, ABM landing pages generated by AI - (this is something I'm testing these days).
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