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New comment 23d ago

Hey Guys, We're building out our own Skool community and loving every second of it! I have a question about file uploads. Is there a way or feature for our community members to upload a file after completing an action item for us to review? Is this a thing? Ie; someone complete Sam's choosing your niche worksheet and uploads it for the Consulting.com team to review? If not - are there any suggestions on what we could do?



Nick Guadagnoli
Daniel Luke
New comment May 18
  • 2 likes • May 18

    We just wasn't sure if there was a way people could upload files but hearing myself aloud it sounds like the best thing to do here would be to link our assets in the module and then include the link to our JotFrom in the description for them to upload, would you agree?

I know Skool is never going to be a CRM and it's better like this but what is the best crm ?



Saqib Rasool
Daniel Luke
Bruno Domingues
Danny Mallinder
Jim Pellerin
New comment May 6
  • 3 likes • May 1

    @Dorian Vida I like to think of Skool and Slack as softwares we use to manage existing customers. People already invested in us. However, Active Campaign and Close.io are for people who are yet to invest in us. I like Close and AC. I've used Zoho Bigin and Pipedrive. They're cool. We build automated email sequences for companies and only put people in pipelines when they've opt-in through a VSL or book a calendly directly. Everyone else stays in an EMS till they take a solid action weare then confident enough at that point they're close to being sold so will have a 30-45 day close. Going off tangent. I love close & I like zoho bigin tbh. Go highlevel looked pretty good as well but there was a lot going off their for me. If you want to chat about other CRM's, EMS's etc let me know! Happy to help anyway I can!

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    @Kiryl Melnichenka @Saqib Rasool I too used Asana once upon a time and it was great tbh! Simple scales, fancy fails.

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