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Hyros Tracking Question
I'm currently sending paid traffic to my about us page on skool. Is there anyway to add the hyros tracking script to the header of that page? It's super important so I'm able to accurately track my data from paid ads. This question is straight from their team btw
New feature: Facebook pixel tracking
Imagine running Facebook and Instagram ads directly to your group with perfect conversion tracking. Imagine if you could retarget people who visit your groups about page. Now you can... Introducing the "Meta pixel tracking" plugin — track page views, membership requests, and purchases. Everything you need to grow your free or paid group with ads. But does the Skool about page actually convert? @Evelyn Weiss has been running FB/IG ads to a well optimized ClickFunnels landing page for years. She tested the same ads to her Skool about page in a true A/B test — her Skool about page beat her custom funnel. (and we haven't even optimized it yet). Need help connecting your Meta pixel? Watch this tutorial video for instructions. Enjoy 🎉
New comment 6d ago
3 likes • Apr 9
@Liam Casey @Sam Ovens Interesting. This is incredibly easy & seamless to setup opposed to other platforms like Shopify & Clickfunnels. Love this The only downside is there is no *Initiate Checkout* fire yet. Which would be the warmest audience to retarget. On Clickfunnels, there is a CF pro tool you can use that allows you to sweep the customers email as soon as they place it when they're checking out, regardless if they submitted the page or not. That way, you're able to send retargeting emails and run Fb ads to them... This could be something you should look into doing IMO. When running ads it's super important to segregate your audiences as much as you can. A tip to everyone not running ads yet - Just setup your pixel and integrate it with Skool immediately, the more data you have, the better your ads will perform. You'll be kicking yourself if you go to run ads in the future and not have this setup. It's insane to me that Evelyns Skool 'about us' page out performed a well optimised funnel. I would love to see the metrics, that would be awesome! I'll have to perform a split test myself and give feedback on the performance. Excited to try this! 💪
Payout time
On the payments part of skool it says I got paid out today but there has not been a deposit to the account it said it went to. How long does it take for the deposit to go through.
New comment Oct '23
0 likes • Oct '23
Mine takes around 4-5 days
Financial Spreadsheet for Skool
Does anyone has a detailed financial spreadsheet they are using for Skool? I'm getting my own created but thought I'd put a post in here in case anyone has a template. Thanks!
Zapier Course Invite Issue
Anyone else having this issue? Using Zapier to invite new customers once purchased on clickfunnels, but when trying to select the course, it bugs out and doesn't find any of the courses. Is this a glitch on my end? I've tried refreshing a bunch of times & also re-integrating zapier with Skool, but no success yet. Any help?
New comment Sep '23
0 likes • Sep '23
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe if I am to add them manually, will the drip feed restart them? Or will they remain on their current day (I’ve got drip feed on)
1 like • Sep '23
@Sid Sahasrabuddhe great! That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks TOP S
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