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Still at three week course on facilitating knowledge management. Class did a staff ride. Exploring the Impact of Knowledge Management in World War One at Kansas City's Memorial was truly eye-opening. This visit highlighted how organized knowledge was pivotal in shaping history, from battle planning to information dissemination. It's a reminder of the enduring importance of knowledge management in our ever-evolving world, shaping both the past and our future.



Retirements are draining vital knowledge from businesses. To manage this challenge, adopt a proactive approach. Encourage retirees to document their expertise, use digital platforms for knowledge sharing, foster cross-generational collaboration, and promote continuous learning. These strategies future-proof your organization, ensuring a seamless transition and a culture of innovation. I am acquiring the skills to lead Knowledge Management Workshops that enable organizations to effectively provide accurate information in the most suitable formats, to the right people, exactly when and where it's required for well-informed decision-making.



Julie Quin
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At Fort Leavenworth's Disciplinary Barracks, an eclectic group of aspiring Knowledge Management Officers and dedicated civilians recently delved into the intricacies of knowledge management through an engaging presentation by Tom Wujec. The twist? They explored problem-solving dynamics using an unconventional example – making toast. [Link to Tom Wujec's Video]( Their mission: to elevate knowledge management practices within their organizations. A captivating exercise involving four teams tasked with changing a tire brought home a profound lesson – the tire may not have been flat, metaphorically challenging their problem-solving skills. This experience unearthed the importance of adaptability, critical thinking, and effective communication in knowledge management. Fort Leavenworth's Disciplinary Barracks is now a hub of learning, where these future experts refine their ability to tackle complex problems and innovate in the realm of knowledge management. Stay tuned for their ongoing journey as they unlock knowledge management's secrets, poised to revolutionize their organizations. 🚀🧠 #KnowledgeManagement #ProblemSolving #Innovation #FortLeavenworth



Greetings from Fort Leavenworth, where I'm immersed in the Army Knowledge Management Course at the historic Old Army Disciplinary Barracks. 🌟 Imagine a five-step process that can revolutionize how your organization shares knowledge, leading to a stronger and more cohesive team. That's exactly what I'm learning here, and it's a game-changer!



Rebecca Courtney
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