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Making use of the creative cloud (and more) on tiktok
While creating content for social media, it's pretty easy to just rely on Premiere and Photoshop for all of your content, which are both amazing and endlessly useful tools. But when you look into what else is possible in the creative cloud, the possibilities for vitality are endless. An example is, a slightly newer program, Adobe character animate. Have a brand that has a mascot or character included in its branding? Drop it into Adobe Character Animate and you can suddenly have your mascot narrating your videos, this is a technique often used on platforms like youtube or twitch but it is making its way onto TikTok. 3d programs are also becoming easier and easier to use. There are so many programs that can open new doors for your content, it's just about trying them out. Adobe posts tons on their socials about how successful accounts are breaking content barriers with their super-accessible software. I often will take a look at what their posting and take inspiration for what I'm working on next.
FB ads aspect ratio
Hi everyone, Got a lot of value out of the NAM course, just a question regarding the aspect ratio of FB ads: Is it best to upload in 9:16 and let Facebook crop the video where necessary, or should we upload 4:5 AND 9:16 videos and manually choose the placements to suit? Cheers!
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No one get's the ad space like Noah's Native Ad Machine Course.
If you're looking for some extremely practical wisdom in the world of online marketing, genuinely the greatest tool for you would be Noah's courses. I've seen other courses and guides online before but none have taught me such practical strategies to take my skills to the next level. Cannot recommend enough!
Youtube Shorts talk
The vertical scrolling format is here to stay! Tiktok has made sure of that. But are you tapping into every platform that uses it? Now a lot of people have been repurposing their TikTok for Instagram Reels and even for Facebook, but Youtube is pushing tons of their audience to watch their 'shorts'! And since it's so new, they are rewarding people who use the feature often with some pretty massive viewership. You can post any content from your TikTok or Instagram, but what I've seen work the best on youtube shorts at the moment is... podcast clips. Podcast clips are becoming a huge part of short-form content! Taking a scroll on youtube shorts will certainly make that clear.
How to optimise views on instagram reels
If you're a brand growing an audience on Tiktok then you should definitely be posting on reels too, but some find that reposting their Tiktoks onto reels, just isn't getting them enough engagement. One trick that has proven to work for lots, is to make use of the in-built text/sticker features on Instagram. Doing this will push your video much further than posting a normal video with text from TikTok. So when you are making video content for TikTok, save a version with no text, and redo the text inside of Instagram's reels system. Make use of polls, stickers, countdowns, and all that Instagram has to offer. Instagram will most of the time favour content that uses these things! If you anyone has any other questions about Instagram or TikTok, feel free to ask!
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