Making use of the creative cloud (and more) on tiktok
While creating content for social media, it's pretty easy to just rely on Premiere and Photoshop for all of your content, which are both amazing and endlessly useful tools. But when you look into what else is possible in the creative cloud, the possibilities for vitality are endless.
An example is, a slightly newer program, Adobe character animate. Have a brand that has a mascot or character included in its branding? Drop it into Adobe Character Animate and you can suddenly have your mascot narrating your videos, this is a technique often used on platforms like youtube or twitch but it is making its way onto TikTok. 3d programs are also becoming easier and easier to use. There are so many programs that can open new doors for your content, it's just about trying them out.
Adobe posts tons on their socials about how successful accounts are breaking content barriers with their super-accessible software. I often will take a look at what their posting and take inspiration for what I'm working on next.
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