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Are you working on the weekend?
Hey Capital Raisers. Today is a great day to move the needle in your business. Are you maximizing your "free" time? Here's the thing.. What's Easy to do is also Easy not to do. M1 is about creating the habits of success to get YOU closer to that ONE deal that can change your life. And create the success you desire. Here is my challenge to you... What is one thing you are doing to move your business forward today? Comment below your ONE thing! And if you want to take that a step further comment "LINK" and I'll send you an invitation to receive a success call with me. Even if this is the one thing you're doing to move the needle it could be the start or push you need to go NEXT LEVEL ... LET'S GO!!!!!
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Yes, I I am working on monetizing our website .. Link..
Raising money & Educating investors
Hi all - excited to be a part of this community. 🥳 My company helps real estate players build digital pitch decks to better raise money, engage and educate investors. Here's a sample peek: We easily sync to your other tools - and have helped operators and fund managers raise over $50M+ to date. Would love to connect and chat more, if interested!
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Raising money & Educating investors
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@Leah Azizian Hi Leah, I filled out the form but I’m not sure if it went through or not. My name is Brent and you can reach me at Or here
Success to everyone!
… who’s ready to rock! I wanted to say a quick “hello” to you all as most of you will be familiar with my colleague @Vince Gascon I am apart of the M1 Community Management Team and here to help you on your pathway to success. My goal is to help 50 Real Estate Investors raise 50 million before the end of 2024 with M1! Will that be you? 💰 Drop some of your goals below so we can create some accountability! Let’s goooo!
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@Neeshea Hoshing no I have not had any framework or processes sessions yet
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@Neeshea Hoshing it is booked for 1:30 pm ADT Atlantic. tomorrow & I sent a couple of links.. ty
Brent Hawes Group Introduction
Hello to the Group. I am relatively new to the How to Raise Capital Community and I have not officially introduced myself yet having been invited by Vince Gascon at the end of May 2024. My name is Brent Hawes and I am originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia and came to New Toronto in my single digit years with my Mother who was in the health care field as a registered nurse. We all became Toronto Maple Leaf Fans which has been a roller coast ride but I did witness a Stanley Cup Championship in 1967. I spent the majority of my life in West End of Toronto and Mississauga and have owned and operated a successful telemarketing company and a lighting retrofit business and a real estate holding company with properties in Long Branch, Toronto, Port Credit, Peterborough and Wasaga Beach. It is great to be here with so many successful members and a big Thank You to Vince Gascon for the opportunity. I am looking forward to learning and sharing on this journey.
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Thank You, Neeshea. Great to be here..!!
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Hello fellow investors. Anyone have experience investing internationally?
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Hi Joanne, very nice to meet you. As a matter of fact we do have experience in international real estate investing and have a project under construction right now. Are you actively looking for an international real estate business opportunity? This could be perfect for you. Please, let me know if you would like some information. You can reach me on my cell 1-416-453-2468 Talk Text or Whatsapp Business which is excellent for international business communication. Regards, Brent
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