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Net Promoter Score (NPS)
I'd welcome your feedback.. We ask clients after every job is completed to rate our service. We've done this for some time, but th response rate is quite low around 10% of those asked. The results are I hope reflective of the service we provide we have a NPS of 84%, with the majority of clients rating us as 9 or 10 (promoters), a smaller number of passives rating us 7-8 and just 1 rating us below 6 (detractors) (and this was a client who we had to sack). Despite the low response rate would you still broadcast the NPS score of 84%? And how would you suggest encouraging a higher response rate?
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@Stewart Newberry ask yourself when you give feedback. I don’t know about you but I usually don’t bother unless something remarkable happens which creates an emotion. That could be a remarkably bad or remarkably good. I think it’s tough to create a remarkably good experience and generates an emotional response with compliance services, unless there is a big tax win. This is why I like advisory services. If you end meetings with a recap of wins and get the client to talk about their future success I think you’ll get more engagement.
I found this post on LinkedIn by one of our member and I though it was very profound
It was by @Bob Harper Want to improve the traction of your advisory services? Here are two simple steps to help you get started. Step 1: Ask better questions. To truly understand the problems your clients are facing, you need to ask better questions. Challenge them to think about why they are accepting their current situation. Check out this article for some great tips on crafting better questions. Step 2: Build belief. It's important to show your clients that small changes can lead to big returns. Make sure they believe that a solution is possible, or they won't even try. If you're interested in a free and simple calculator to show your clients how small changes can make a big difference, send me a message. At, we're here to help you have better meetings.
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Thanks @Steve Mills
Hello all
Just a quick message to introduce myself. I’m a former accountant/tax specialist who moved into software. Our first product was a very simple bookkeeping system which 250+ accountants promoted. We are now launching a meeting app . Our Dream - A world where every business meeting make a positive difference Our Vision - To be the McDonalds of meeting software; a low cost and highly systemised approach to meetings Our Purpose - To enable businesses to have world class meetings Our Mission - To build the software and training to eliminate poor meeting practices We are just coming out of beta and have had some great feedback. If anyone here wants a free trial let me know.
A BIG welcome to my friend Bob Harper
Bob is a qualified accountant and also runs several businesses including Agendali which is a great piece of software to help us all run better meetings Please give Bob a big welcome and connect to him and let's see how we can all work together for mutual benefit.
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@Stewart Newberry yes, I’ll message you tomorrow
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Thanks @Steve Mills
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