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How I'm making $2,500/month from Skool affiliates (without effort)
Here are the 5 steps my team & I follow to effortlessly make $2,500/month with Skool. Step 1: I make a piece of content showing how Skool can genuinely solve a problem and I post that piece of content everywhere - my blog, email newsletter, FB, YT, IG, etc. Huge tip: If I ever see someone struggling with something, or if someone asks me a good question, rather than just DM'ing them the answer/solution, I'll make a video or write a blog post about it, then send them that piece of content and thank them for the idea. This makes creating content effortless and I'm guaranteed to make at least 1 person (the person who asked me the question) super happy. Step 2: In the piece of content I make, I tell people to DM me if they want 1 on 1 help (for free) to set up their Skool account properly and professionally. Step 3: I get someone on my team to DM them back and set up a Zoom call with them. Step 4: On the Zoom call, my team member has them sign up for Skool using my aff link, and then works with them for 30 min to set up their Skool community. I pay my team member $35 (nearly 100% of my first months aff commission) for this Skool set up job. Step 5: We repeat steps 1-4.
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Efrain Verdugo
Roechelle Williams
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    Such an amazing story! Is there a possibility to include me too into your team?
My writing for
1. Title: Transforming Education 2. Title: Leveraging for Online Businesses 3. Title: Revolutionizing Online Education with Engaging Courses 4. Title: Building a Thriving Community on 5. Title: Nurturing Learning Communities 6. Title: Unlocking the Power of Group Funnels 7. Title: Influencer and Fan Communities 8. Title: : A User-Friendly Website with Exceptional Features 9. Title: Unlocking the Full Potential of Learning:'s Subscription Membership and Its Remarkable Benefits
Anuradha Senevirathne
Sohrab Kiani
Gabrielle Stone
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    10. Title: Unleashing the Power of Masterminds: The Role of in Fostering Collaborative Excellence
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    11.Title: Advantages of SaaS in Revolutionizing Product Development in Education
Skool features, pricing review and everything around
I just posted a 10 minutes video covering my POV of using Skool as a user and creator. Also discussed different features, how I am using it, and pricing comparison. I will love to have any feedback. I think I am a bit too serious in the video.
Nick Guadagnoli
Stella Tudor
Himanshu Bisht
Anuradha Senevirathne
Jordon Yunmo
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    This video is amazing. You delivered the message clearly and everything is explained well. Thanks for sharing!
Title: Unlocking the Full Potential of Learning's Subscription Membership and Its Remarkable Benefits
Himanshu Bisht
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My writing for Skool: Influencer and Fan Communities
Fostering Connections and Inspiring Growth
Himanshu Bisht
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Hi everyone! I extend my sincere gratitude for approving my application for the affiliate membership and really glad to be a part of the team. Thanks very much and highly appreciate the quick acceptance!
Nick Guadagnoli
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