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"Powered by Skool" isn't our affiliate link
Hey there! 👋 It would be nice if the "powered by Skool" link in our communities auto-linked to our affiliate link. Thanks for considering!
The reward system can be improved
I have some suggestions for the affiliate program as there is an issue here (in my opinion). Imagine I get a person to sign up for a free account (or pay to my community); he then realizes he loves Skool, starts to explore more communities, and then decides to create a community. Then, the last community gets 100% of the reward because he was in that community while pressing the + button to create his own community. This seems so unfair, and I assume your strategy is for people to create communities about creating communities. Hence, you grow because you make money here, but the solutions below won't interfere with that. And I, who initially brought the person to the platform, don't get rewarded for it, and it's quite wrong to assume just the last community is the reason for him making a community, and bringing people initially to the platform is at least half the job, IMO. Two solutions that I see: 1. The initial link (affiliate/person) that brought the person to the platform gets 100% if he starts a paying community within 1-2 days. 2. A 50/50 split between the two, in this case, me and then where he created his community. Let me know what you think!
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Annual Subscription 🤔
Any progress in this area? I am all for the MRR, but I got here while looking for high-ticket "offers" to close on and I see an opportunity. 40% of $990-$1188 is a juicy commission and brings another layer to the affiliate program. @Erika Kulpina @Sam Ovens @Andrew Kirby
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Can we get more data?
Can we see number of clicks and leads as well? I'm buying traffic from a source to promote Skool and I have absolutely no idea what's going on right now. For all I know, I could be getting all bot traffic.
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Feb '23 
Show total active referrals plz
I don't wanna keep counting 😆
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