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How do you make your slides/whiteboards look really professional & not too "home-made"? I find the Designer function in powerpoint is very helpful, but it doesn't always work for slides that are more complex than simple text & pictures. What other options are there to improve slides? I have pretty good ppt skills but I do want to be a team coach not a graphic designer :-)



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Kimberli Jeter
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    I love it! He's hilarious :-)

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    @Patricia Garcia Gomez thanks for flagging up the morph transition, interesting! Also the colour palette, usually we use the client's, but I guess coolors.co allows you to create one and import it into powerpoint? (Had a look but not clear how the export to ppt woudl work)

Hi all, great to be here with all these inspired facilitators! Question for you - do you have experience of using whiteboards with clients who work in global companies with aggressive IT firewalls? If so, what do you use for post-it type exercises? My current client teams are on MS Teams :-) but the whiteboard seems really clunky. We used Miro the other day, but only those who were physically in the office could edit - seems like their VPN did not allow those working remotely to become editors of the board, despite al receiving the same link. My co-coach and I could not edit it either, perhaps because we were external to the client organisation. Often we've ended up sharing a powerpoint slide in edit mode and having a scribe edit it in realtime to collect ideas, agree on vision wording etc. Which works, but surely there's a better way . . So - if you are an external facilitator/coach working with a well--firewalled global organisation, have you found a workable solution? Would love to hear!! Thank you - have a great Wednesday. Annabelle



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    Thanks Donna. There must be a lot of external facilitators working with corporates who are having this issue. With strategy work there is the added issue of commercial confidentiality. I'm really surprised there isn't a simple solution to this - though I'm hoping that the Facilitator Club hivemind might have one!

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    Anyone? I'm sure someone else on here has encountered this ..

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