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Laura Winton
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Bio: Digital Marketing Expert working with solo business owners, SMEs and small agencies to solve your digital problems.
Daniel Wagner
Frankfurt, Germany
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Bio: Transformation Coach
Lori Mangano
New Hampshire • ENFP
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Bio: I am a Journey Practitioner from the 2006 class. I have a practice called Sacred Oak Healing Services in Exeter, NH and study the Lakota Medicine Way.
Daniel Wagner
Frankfurt • INFP
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Bio: Austrian. Moved to the UK after a record deal in 1996. Built two 7-figure businesses. Now running blindspot, a coaching business for conscious people.
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Ambreen Ihsanullah
In Ottawa Canada online Soul to Soul Counselling specializing in Family Constellations. Lasting transformation lies beyond traditional talk therapy.

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Joined May 22, 2023
Ottawa Canada
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