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Janice Morin
Prince Albert, SASK. CANADA • ENFP
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Bio: My name is Janice Morin. I live within Treaty Six Territory 53.2034°N, 105.7531°W (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan Canada). Journey has changed my life!
Jacqueline Jensen
Sydney Australia
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Bio: Transformational leader, wellbeing artist, meditation facilitator, Journey Practitioner
Ricki Ellen Gorman
New Jersey, USA
• Active 166d ago
Bio: I am a Recommended Practitioner since 2010 and an Accredited Journey Life Coach in 2022. My motto “Healing One Memory at a Time, One Day at a Time.”
Barbara Braun
Kiel, Germany
• Active 68d ago
Bio: Borne in 1962, living in Kiel, Germany Gardener, Qigong teacher, artist and attending the JPP. Loving nature, children and life. Keen on learning!
Ida Nagy
• Active 176d ago
Bio: Singer, journey practitioner, Waldorf teacher, home baker and a mother of 3 young kids, I want to make the world a better place and feel good in it.
Lori Mangano
New Hampshire • ENFP
• Active 42d ago
Bio: I am a Journey Practitioner from the 2006 class. I have a practice called Sacred Oak Healing Services in Exeter, NH and study the Lakota Medicine Way.
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Ambreen Ihsanullah
In Ottawa Canada online Soul to Soul Counselling specializing in Family Constellations. Lasting transformation lies beyond traditional talk therapy.

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Joined May 22, 2023
Ottawa Canada
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