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Showing you how to digitize and monetize your current or former career skills, a life experience or even a hobby or leisure time activity.

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Welcome to your step-by-step by guide to selling your advice w/ a monthly membership to generate predictable, recurring and scalable income w/ Skool.



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COnfusion about basic skool set up
In my school I am setting up I dont see these options: Your Free Onboarding Call 🎓 Start Your Own Skool 🚀 Join PackageSell Select is this because my member ship hasnt rolled over to paid yet? I joined and made sure to give CHuck credit.
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It’s not because you’re in trial phase. You have to create them. Here’s a video I made to explain.
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@Kip Hartley glad it was clear
Winning with Skool Quicker
I want to take a moment to share my journey with you, a journey that began 5 years ago and cost me $15,000+ in high-ticket courses. Let me save you from all that. The momentum didn't really start to build until I discovered Skool in April 2023 and finally decided to go all in a couple months later. After I decided to bet on myself and dive into the world of online communities with Skool, I had a vision but not much else. I knew I wanted to help people solve specific problems, and I believed that with the right intention and effort, I could make a difference. The Internet is a vast place, with 4.8 billion people connected and constantly searching for solutions. I realized that even if only a fraction of them were looking for the kind of transformation I could provide, I would find my audience by consistently offering value and solutions. One key lesson I've learned is that success in this type of information business hinges on being willing to bet on yourself. I didn't just start one Skool group; I started two. This wasn't because I was certain of success from the get-go, but because I believed in my mission and was willing to put in the work to see it through. It’s like driving on a dark road at night – you might not see more than 50 feet ahead, but you keep going, trusting that the road will unfold before you. Sometimes, it’s the person who is just a few steps ahead of you in the journey that is best suited to help you. I've been there, and I understand the challenges and triumphs you might face. If you're on the fence about starting your own Skool group, I encourage you to take that step. Put some skin in the game and believe in your ability to make a difference. There's a whole world out there searching for solutions, and your unique perspective can be the key to someone's transformation. I will never advise someone to do something that I have not already done myself. By learning from someone like me who has already started walking this path, you can save both time and money. I’ll provide you with templates and processes that streamline your journey and set you up for success.
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Zoom q $ a tomorrow
Are u planning to do a zoom tomorrow Friday morning??
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I am. Before I go Live at 10
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@Lucinda Cox we’re live
Office hours 7-9 EST tonight
If you’re in the private membership, I’ll be sharing what I’ve doing and adding to be group lately. Bring your questions and hang out. Here’s the meeting ID 824 1833 8574
How to Build a Skool and Get Paying Members in 30 days
Finally, it's here. The simple to understand and structured week-long Skool Mastery class is complete and in the Classroom area. This is a nearly 3 hour Masterclass that others are charging for and I'm giving you free. In 7 days you will know the what, why, and the how of Skool and how to maximize it to sell your advice online for monthly income. Consider this your foundation. I also give a sneak preview of what you'll get when you upgrade to the Full Skool Mastery 30-day program including how to Build, Market and Scale. So watch this video explanation and let me know if you have any questions.
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@Jason Benson
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@Tanner Myrfield Wolfe
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