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I am Martin Ebongué & I believe in freedom. 🕊️
- The freedom to live where I want at any time 🌍
- The freedom to travel to the most beautiful places on the planet ✈️
- The freedom to decide what I want to do when I wake up in the morning ☀️
- The freedom to get anything I need without worrying about money 💰
I believe that the core component of freedom is: CHOICE...
Choice is the driving force that allowed me to go from working as a support person to building 40+ passive income streams online, traveling around the world, and living in Bali for the last 9 years.
The road wasn't easy... When I got started, I had no idea what I was doing, to be honest...
All the skills that allow you to build a business that runs completely without you by using simple systems and automation.
I have decided to share:
- My journey
- My findings
- My failures
- My successes
- My vision
With you guys, so that you get to create a kick@$$ lifestyle that is tailor-made for YOU.
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Build a profitable business, work less, earn more, live anywhere in the world on complete automation
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