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What My Values Are & What This Community Is About
Hey and welcome guys. I just recorded this very quick video to let you know: - What this community is about - Why you should care - What you can expect from the community - What's in for you (You will love this one) - How it is different from everything you have seen so far. Make sure to watch the video until the end because there is a huge surprise for you that could very well be the spark that will ignite your business. INSTRUCTIONS (If you feel that you are worthy) 1 - Follow me on Linkedin : 2 - Comment below to confirm that you followed me 3 - Let me know in the comment, why you would be a good candidate and how it will benefit the whole community
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@Martin Ebongue as you're a long time hero of mine, I've already been following you for a long time. I hope this doens't disqualify me for this exercice 😅
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My core belief is that true power lies in uplifting others to achieve success, security and strength in their own lives. By empowering those around us, we create a virtuous cycle that spreads positivity and growth throughout the world.
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Hello there! I will start this post with some action movie drama: Martin needs your help, and YOU are the only one who can help! Don’t worry it doesn’t involve detonations, crazy stunts or jumping off a cliff. I just need 2 minutes of your time to help me out with a quick testimonial. Spoiler: I am going to give you something super cool in return of course… Here’s the story 👇: Some of you guys already know this, but I never forget people who helped me out in times of need and I can promise you that if you take 2 minutes of your time to help out a friend: I WILL remember that. So if you are in a joyful helping mood, here is the link to leave the testimonial. Leave a kick@$$ testimonial to martin Thanks in advance to all my heroes who will come to my rescue Cheers Martin
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I re-record it, it was not good.
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Done. Please delete the first one and use the second I just sent you. I am more comfortable sharing this one. Contact me if you want / need some changes, etc... ! :-)
Unlock AI's Potential to Skyrocket Your Business 🚀
Discover the secrets to leveraging AI effectively and efficiently, helping you achieve more while working less. Build a thriving empire by focusing on the right AI tools and strategies, even with limited resources. I cover: ✅ How to avoid "analysis paralysis" and focus on the AI tools that truly matter ✅ Martin's personal system to stay focused and productive amidst AI distractions ✅ A real-life example of creating an "infinite leads system" using AI Share your thoughts and experiences on using AI in your business!
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Great video on focus, very good reminder (it's my main problem, I sidetrack super fast), I'm going to make roadmaps, but only follow one at a time, and deal with them sequentially, that seems like a good compromise, and put my ability to prove to myself that I can stay focused to the test. If I can do that, I'll be proud.
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As someone fond of my adoptive town, Fontainebleau, I utilize the direct marketing skills from my past experiences to promote the region.

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