What's The Difference Between WILD TRIBE & Universe?
Our Wild Tribe stands as an exclusive community of change makers, authors, entrepreneurs, parents, accomplished experts, converging to facilitate impactful live masterminds.
Here, real-time discussions, practical insights, and collaborative problem-solving take center stage, fueling immediate growth.
Yet, the WILD Universe extends beyond this foundation, presenting an elevated experience through our comprehensive membership. This upgraded tier opens doors to a realm of depth and breadth, encompassing a wealth of content, networking opportunities, curated events, exclusive PR prospects, and enlightening courses.
Wild Tribe: Fostering Dynamic Masterminds
For those seeking engaging interactions and immediate growth, the Wild Tribe is your haven. It's where our Women Gone Wild authors and experts come together to share their expertise in live masterminds. Through real-time discussions, you'll gain valuable insights and actionable takeaways that can be applied to your journey right away.
WILD Universe: Elevating Your Experience
Should you desire a more immersive and multifaceted experience, the WILD Universe awaits. This elevated membership tier not only grants you access to the Wild Tribe's masterminds but also propels your journey to new heights:
  1. In-Depth Content: Immerse yourself in an array of curated content, diving deeper into subjects that matter to you most. Our exclusive resources are designed to provide comprehensive insights and practical strategies for personal and professional growth.
2. Networking Excellence: Forge meaningful connections within our expansive network of ambitious women. From shared experiences to collaborative ventures, the networking opportunities within the WILD Universe are boundless.
3. Curated Events: Experience a tapestry of carefully curated events that expand your horizons. These gatherings provide spaces for learning, sharing, and celebrating achievements alongside like-minded peers.
4. Exclusive PR Opportunities: Amplify your voice and presence through exclusive PR prospects, connecting you with platforms that highlight your expertise and achievements.
5. Enlightening Courses From Our Speakers: Acquire new skills and perspectives through a range of enlightening courses, meticulously crafted to empower you at every stage of your journey.
6. Becoming a WILD Author: Unleash your voice and share your insights with the world by becoming a WILD Author. Contribute to the Women Gone Wild legacy by crafting chapters that inspire and empower.
The choice between the Wild Tribe and the WILD Universe empowers you to tailor your involvement to your unique aspirations. Both avenues promise growth, empowerment, and meaningful connections, but the WILD Universe takes it a step further, offering an immersive journey that encompasses a broader spectrum of opportunities.
Ready to embark on this transformative voyage?
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Rhonda Swan
What's The Difference Between WILD TRIBE & Universe?
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