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Welcome to The Well Fed Renegades community, exclusively for our book buyers, where we are all on a mission to make more sales, to premium clients, at premium prices. Wish to join us? Invest in your copy of the M82 book by clicking here here If you've already ordered your copy, thank you. If you need any help with your order, using this site or accessing material please email This exclusive community is just for M82 book owners. We've run free communities before and they sucked, so we've kept this one exclusive. It's full of business owners just like you, with battle scars, stories, and lessons to share. So engage, ask questions, and support each other. I'll be in this community every day ensuring you are getting the answer to any burning questions you may have. We created this community for two reasons: 1) I'm sure you've read a book before and wished you had an easy way to ask the author a question, or thought 'That's great! But how do I apply it to my situation/business?'. I know I have. So I created a community I wished every good book I've read had. In spite of EBGs reclusive nature, you can ask questions, get help, and most importantly get results. 2) It's an easy way to access 'The Most Unbelievable Free Gift Ever' that comes with every book purchase. Simply click into the classroom and you'll see it staring you in the face. If you want to work with us privately, you can book The Triage. It's a call with myself, so we can get clear on where you are, where you wanna go, and identify the roadblocks in your way. If it all goes well, I'll put you forward for a planning sessions with The EBG so you can get in the weeds together. Oh, and we'll never, ever sell to you unless you ask. That's a promise. You can book that here: I'm always curious as to who the person is behind the order summary I get daily, so please, do me a favour.
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Use LinkedIn to get visible and grow
Hi all, This is my current offer and I wanted to share with you incase you were looking at some LinkedIn basics. Thank you to Connor for letting me share, if you have any questions just let me know. Get Visible and Grow - Live! ▶️ Turning your Profile into a client magnet ▶️ Knowing who to Connect with to grow your business ▶️ What to Post ▶️How to Engage to get more visible I'd love for you to join me via Zoom on the 17th July at 10:30am (UK TIME). There will be a presentation for 45 minutes, with 15 minutes Q&A time. Technology permitting there will be a recorded version too. Grab your ticket now for £15. Closer to the date I'll send you an email with the Zoom details. Jul 11th 2024
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I am struggling with building my "list" of names and addresses. Anybody found any software or companies that can complie this information?
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What direct mail are you sending?
Hey Gang, It's been quiet in here as pointed out by @Chris Spruce So I'm curious... 1) What direct mail are you sending at the moment? (Include pictures like @Darren Mudd did with his handwritten letter) 2) If none, what ideas are you pondering? (Again, bonus points for pictures) 3) Finally... What's the biggest problem you are facing when it comes to direct mail specifically? Wether you are actively sending shit, or are completely stumped. Let me know what parts you find tricky. I'll go first. We are gearing up to send a few thousand postcards (Here's my recent LinkedIn post with some naval-gazing insights) The plan is to send them out, and drive them to a VSL where they can request more information. Sent in the mail, of course. The pack may include (but not finalised) the unicorn client report, our death of social media white paper, and a sales letter. Our biggest challenge has been finding a mail house that can handle the volume, as we want handwritten, custom printed envelopes for the postcard, physical stamps, and each postcard to personalised. This will remain a challenge until we have our own setup complete. So, let me know below what you're up to, your schemes, or your challenges.
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What direct mail are you sending?
Well-Fed Business Postcast: Breaking the chains of social media
In today’s episode of the Well-Fed Business Podcast, the Evil Bald Genius and Benham explore the pitfalls of relying solely on digital platforms… And tells you why you need to diversify your marketing strategies if you want a thriving business.
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Well-Fed Business Postcast: Breaking the chains of social media
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