Tom is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of, and that served millions of professionals globally,
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San Diego
I teach Software Development using Microsoft Power Apps!
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Orlando, FL
I help businesspeople to gain more audience/leads through AI powered social media strategies so that they can concentrate on their primary endeavours.
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Empowering ADHD individuals to thrive 🚀 | ADHD Coach | Transform lives online 🌟 | Join me on the journey!
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United Kingsom
Check out my AI assistant for LinkedIn at you can also check out to learn about my marketing agency.
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New York
Ich bin Senior Consultant bei Serviceware, spezialisiert darauf die Planung mit Serviceware Performance präzise auf Kundenbedürfnisse auszurichten.
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PR Professional. Real, outgoing, personable. An independent thinker, cheerleader, business builder & connector. Theater, nature and hula hoop lover.
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West Palm Beach, Florida
Marketing & Communications Manager | Expanding Networks | Global Networker | Hospitality Specialist | PR & Relationship Marketing
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
🎤 Professional Speaker | IT & E-learning Expert | Certified Trainer 🌍 🚀 Bridging Technology & Education | Empowering Professionals 💡
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Hannover, Germany
Hi, I’m Jonathan, I’m here to build trust and spark connections with others with a great business opportunity
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Bestselling author and Coach helping aspiring thought leaders to get found, get hired and get paid
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Glasgow, Scotland
I am the President of Send Out Text a text message marketing company. We help businesses communicate with all their customers using text messaging.
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Knoxville TN
Marcia Hylton is a Certified International Coach, specialising in trauma recovery after narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships.
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Jenny’s purpose is to create Equilibrium between women and men on a global scale — through an ecstatic transmission of Divine Feminine energy.
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Fort Collins, CO
Ashkan Tabibnia, founder of 90210 Enterprise, is known as “the Legacy Architect.” He passionately connects the powerful, elite under 90210 Enterprise
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Consulting EU and Vietnam, Real estate
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Been working with entrepreneurs and startups for over 12 years. My focus is helping Female Founders Transition from Founder to Leader
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Educator. Entrepreneur. Best Selling Author. Mentor. Pet Parent. Avid Cyclist and Musician.
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Philadelphia PA USA
Student of Life
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Digital Samurai builds end-to-end marketing and technology solutions that bridge the gap between what technology can do and how it's actually used.
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Toronto, Canada
I am a Certified Resume Writer and Career coach, resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for diverse industries and levels.
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I run a business with assisting my customers with moving from one place to another; with introducing my customers to the right REALTOR
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Business advisor and mentor based in the South West of England. Specialist in working with micro business owners to build the lifestyle they desire.
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Sheri Mills, your go-to Functional Nutrition Coach, Best Selling Author, and Speaker! 🌿🍎
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Hey I'm Shanelle a health and wellness coach focusing on improving gut health for those who constantly suffer with fatigue, bloating and GERD!
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A global connector of businesses and people.....How do you want to expand your business? Who would be a good referral for you?
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I increase & improve organic + paid traffic using data to drive growth. Our keyword tool leverages Google's Search Intent AI for SEO + Content + G Ads
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Wimbledon / Eygalieres
Sheena is the creator of Performance By Design Is an International speaker, Corporate trainer, Radio Presenter & Executive Performance Coach
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Partnered with a group of global entrepreneurs in cellular health technology, we have a significant health science breakthrough.
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Tromso, Norway
Partner at Trustist ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I Help SMEs with their Online Reputation and SEO by Utilising Reviews For their business Equating to more Revenue
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