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🌟 Transform Your Business with Our ADHD Business Startup Audit Service
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Check out my latest collaboration with Brainz Magazine, "How to Enhance Focus and Productivity with Personal Strategies for ADHD Professionals." In this feature, I share effective strategies from my own journey to overcome ADHD challenges and boost productivity. It's filled with practical tips for anyone looking to enhance their workday and align their career with their core values. πŸ”— Read the full article here!
🌟 New Article Alert! 🌟
Real Life Community Connections
W0W a banner day for real life connecting from this community. I just had a chat with @Errin Anderson from Scotland. We shared strategies for how to make the most of communities like this & networking int he modern age. It was really helpful. Errin is newer to the Coaching ADHD space and has a background in Nonprofit leadership... Connect with him -- he's great Who else wants to connect? I aspire to connect with everyone here.
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Real Life Community Connections
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Great to chat yesterday @Sierra Melcher , look forward to continuing our conversation
πŸš€πŸŽ‰ Boost Your Productivity with Our Latest Blog Post!
Designed specifically for ADHD professionals, this post offers strategies to sharpen focus, manage distractions, and harness hyperfocus effectively. Learn practical tips like creating a focused workspace with noise-cancelling headphones and time-blocking, breaking big projects into manageable chunks, and aligning your tasks with your professional goals to improve job satisfaction. Join our community to thrive in your creative career! Read more here: πŸŽ―πŸ’‘ #ADHD #ProductivityTips
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@John Donnelly no problem will drop you a message
Let's Be Friends
I am borrowing a great practice from a friend Megan This is called "Lets be friends: and try to remind myself to add it monthly. Below find 3 questions. Answer them in the comments and let's connect on a different level. Common interests! Not just writing and work. Hope you play along! 1) Your binge watching TV show? 2) Current book you are reading? 3) Your go to snack? BONUS) Favorite meme or visual Find mine in the comments!
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Let's Be Friends
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@Sierra Melcher I can focused when reading books, the joys of ADHD, just reading cant keep my brain busy. Need to be listen to an audiobook/podcast and be doing something else at the same time to keep me engaged.
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@Sierra Melcher that would be great, will drop you a message with a link to book some time
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