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We are now using Skype instead of this commuinity, however the resource links stay here in the classroom tab. Also live coaching is discontinued as well due to an overlaod of c WizardVFX client projects.
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FYI, our community has mostly moved over to skype, however we still use this group for demo reel work and stuff that we don't want to get buried in group chats! This group will accelerate the 3 pillars of your career in a way that you have never experienced: 1. Demo reel 2. Service/skills 3. Client network TAKE ACTION 🔓 Here's instruction to unlock classroom items
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Explore the resources below to gain clarity on your next task: 1. or Classroom or Spreadsheet 2. General Free Resources (List of good websites & tools, generally free) 3. Paid Personal Resources (Everyone in the community can anonymously list their personal resources and other members must go through an admin to request to borrow that resource. Only the admins know who owns the resource) Since I've made everything free for you, my problem is I can no longer pay someone to improve the resources so we would be grateful you can join our group effort: HOW TO VOLENTEER #Resources << classroom link
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Niche Clarity
Comment below which niche you are pursuing the most, don't say all of them..PRIORITIZE: EMPLOYEE NICHES: - Nuke compositor job for VFX Studios - 3D Maya artist for VFX Studios - Houdini FX artist for VFX Studios - After Effects 2D motion design for Agencies / Animation Studios - Cinema 4D motion design for Agencies / Animation Studios - Videography / Directing for Commercials (or Films) ENTREPRENEUR NICHES: - Commercials (2D, 3D, Live Action) - Motion Design for MVP Presentations - Feature Films & Episodic (Comp, 3D, FX, Animated) - Independent Films - Music Videos - High-end YouTubers - UI/UX animation - Corperate Presentations (to investors, MVP pitch, etc) - Improving website & demoreel / feedback - Achetectual Visualization In Marketing, you'll also need to pick an industry or two, (e.x. skin care, computer tech, solar, etc) Use ChatGPT to braindump ideas and you can select specialties that seem to fit a market need. Comment below your niche, come back and edit your comment as you refine your career direction, many of you will need consultation from your coaches to choose wisely. Feel free to suggest other niche ideas in the comments
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A little practice in 3D, using the provided footage
Hi, this is a clip from my 3D product advertisement practice. I created it using Blender and then composite it in After Effects. For the tracking software, I used 3D Equalizer. I found a few things challenging, such as determining the origin and placing. It might not be perfect yet. I need to learn more I would be grateful for any guidance on 3D product advertisement
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