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This community is not for promoting your products or services…not in the forum or in DMs. If you want to do that, start your own community or use the training to do that. You will be kicked out immediately and permanently if you do it here.


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More Support Options

  • - Client Acquisition Management System, designed to help you save time and get more clients - Schedule a 1-1 Demo here: Schedule a Demo

  • Written for you social media posts and email newsletters that convert. New content is published every month:  $299/month ( is included) Schedule a demo here: Schedule a Demo

  • 1-1 Consulting, Coaching & Strategy - $7K for first 90 days, $2k/month after 90 days. Limited availability.  DM me in Skool and tell me what you need help with.

  • Done for you local Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Dominate the local search results and get more clients in your local market.  Market exclusivity (only one client per market) $3,250/month. - Schedule a complimentary SEO consultation and find out if your market is still available: Schedule Here Want to learn more about SEO, why we offer it, and why clients stay on for years?  Learn more by reading this post: Read This POST

  • Get 5-10 Qualified Appointments Per Month from LinkedIn: We will design a custom LinkedIn funnel with design, offer strategy and engineering, custom copywriting along with messaging sequences that generate meetings and new prospects…people bring in millions with this…The offer is only for people who want our experts hands-on working your stuff so you can get the results faster: Only 5 spots are available per month…Learn More Read This POST


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