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Welcome to the #1 Developer Community on the Planet!
We’re here to help you learn, grow, and succeed to new heights! 🚀
In University of Code, you’ll get:
✅ Free Access to Previous Mentorship Call Recordings!
✅ Exclusive Lessons & Content
✅ Badass Developer Community for Support
✅ Live Debugging and Problem Solving
✅ Content Drops
If you upgrade to PRO (
✅ Live Coaching Calls (hosted by Myself and our Coaches)
✅ Developer Mentorship (from Myself & other Developers)
✅ GitHub Repo Access with over 50+ Builds
✅ Free Portfolio + Resume Starter Pack
✅ Over 100 JavaScript Coding Challenges & Solutions
Climb to the top on the leaderboards to get access to some insane exclusive content. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, ask questions, connect with other members, and share a ton of value! 💪
Make sure to download the Skool app on your phone. Together, your contributions will make this the best damn developer community in the world! 🫡
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You'll get Exclusive Lessons & Content, Badass Community Support & More here to elevate as a Dev!
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