Fullstack Software Developer 10 + years. Experience in Javascript , Angular, JQuery.Getting back into front-end dev & need to fill gaps in skillset.
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Joined Dec 10, 2023
Dedicated Software Engineer with a robust 4+ years of experience in the development and maintenance of web applications.
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Joined Feb 2, 2024
Back-end developer moving into full stack. I work with NodeJS mostly and I'm learning front-end with VueJS.
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Joined Oct 16, 2023
I will be a programmer
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Joined Feb 12, 2024
Frontend developer
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FE developer using JS, TS, React, NodeJS, NextJs, Jest
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The Netherlands
Hey, Tamil here!
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Joined Jul 17, 2024
I'm a freelance software developer for a living. I'm passionate about neuroscience, learning how the mind works, social dynamics, fitness and wellness
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Joined Jan 28, 2024
Front End Developer
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Joined Jun 23, 2024
Brisbane, Australia
UI developer who is exploring stack development
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Hi, I'm a Fullstack Developer based in Germany. I love running not for the passion of running but for the ambition of beating my PB.
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Joined Mar 25, 2024
Backend developer
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I help Entrepreneurs thrive in Business. Sales Systems & High-Performance Expert
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Joined Feb 3, 2024
Software Engineer with JavaScript, TypeScript and React | Node | Deploying on AWS | Serverless
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Joined Oct 21, 2023
London, UK
Hey, I'm Adam, a jr JavaScript developer trying to expand my knowledge on JavaScript and React based out of Georgia (the state, not the country) 🍑.
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Joined Oct 16, 2023
Georgia, USA
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Joined Oct 16, 2023
Web-Developer from Hamburg, Germany. Javacript & Typescript, Vue.js, Quasar.
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Hamburg, Germany
I am front end developer looking to level up my skills to provide more value to my company, family, and others.
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Senior Frontend Developer
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DevOps Engineer
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Full stack developer in Berlin 👋
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Joined Apr 22, 2024
Senior Frontend Developer
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I am a frontend JS developer working with Salesforce, but also a crossfitter, a musician, and a mom. Want to improve my base technical skills.
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Joined Jan 4, 2024
Senior Software Engineer • Over 12 years of experience in the software industry • AI Automation Specialist • Building Robust Data Solutions
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Berlin - Germany
Blockchain Developer. Web Developer
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👩🏻‍💻 Software Engineer | Passionate Problem Solver
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Joined May 31, 2024
San José, Costa Rica
Software Engineer
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Joined Oct 17, 2023
Midlands UK
Self-taught React Native developer, avid reader, and life-long learner.
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Joined Mar 4, 2024
Creative Web Developer who loves challenges. I always do my best to follow the DRY principle and write clean and reusable code.
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Joined Jan 25, 2024
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