My First Ultra
Well, here I am, training for my first 'ultra'. I'm really just training to finish a marathon (my second) and a nice, mellow pace with the intent to add on some distance after with a little run/walk/run. My first marathon, I fell apart a bit because my training was thrown off by a variety of issues, including my HR being thrown off by beta blockers, which I thankfully don't have to take any more. I did experience an injury about 6 weeks ago and tweaked it again last weekend, so I'm easing into it and fully intend to change gears if I'm not getting in enough training without re-injuring myself. Staying healthy is a bigger goal right now than doing the ultra. Anyway, I went for a 15 minute dribble at lunch time to check my healing progress, and my left hamstring, the guilty party, felt great. I did feel a tiny bit of tightness under my left SI joint (a known and ongoing issue that should be fine if I stick to my yoga) but the hamstring itself was pain-free. I'm going to scale up slowly, but I'm off to a promising start.
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