A decade of working online - I built a big ol' business part-time, using my blog and connections on Facebook and LinkedIn.
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Founder & CEO of Oregon Entrepreneurs
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I'm a Pilates/Fitness Instructor, love road biking, traveling, the beach, reading, spirituality, healthy cooking. Medical and Health Freedom advocate!
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Creator of Optimized Communities using automation to effectively scale and monetize your tribe. I love travel, wine, adventure, and good company:)
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Mom of 3 adult daughters, married for 35 years and helping my husband navigate his 94 y/o moms life from 700 miles away
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Certified Herbalist, Reiki Master, End of Life Doula specializing in Senior In Home Care plus I’m a percussionist in an all female band 🙏🏻💪🏽🥁
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Cleveland Ohio
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Wife and Mother to two amazing adult children, Mimi to one brand new grandchild. Caregiver to Mother with Alzheimer's.
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Born and raised in Idaho! Have a horse, a dog & a cat!! Five children and 11 grandkids!!! They are my greatest accomplishments! Happy to meet ya!!
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